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by Dimko, on February 22, 2022

Each day, we want to celebrate what our community does. This time, our Developer Advocate Dimko Zhluktenko was invited for a joint event with Francesco Ciulla. Francesco is our active …

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by Dimko, on December 21, 2021

Recently, we did a lot of user interviews. We found that a lot of people in the industry are biased into thinking of how to save developers time. We have …

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by Dimko, on December 16, 2021

TicketOps, DevOps, GitOps, SecOps - what are they? Have we come to the point when these acronyms do not make any sense? At least, a few of them do make …

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Topics:Kubernetes Management PlatformThought LeadershipGitOps

by Dimko, on December 7, 2021

There is a lot of confusion between DevOps and GitOps terminology. In this article, we are going to make it clear for everyone. It's not DevOps vs GitOps! It's DevOps …

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Topics:Deploy ContainersGitOps

by Dimko, on October 12, 2021

A Kubernetes RBAC (Role-based access control) journey usually starts at small workloads, featuring a handful of Users and minimum viable clusters. At a small scale, everyone is granted admin rights …

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Topics:Kubernetes Management PlatformSecurity & ComplianceHow To

by Dimko, on October 11, 2021

At Portainer, we frequently discuss DevOps culture to figure out how to equip fellow developers with the most efficient tools to make the development of distributed systems less complicated by …

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Topics:PortainerDeploy ContainersLifecycle Management

by Dimko, on July 8, 2021

The DevOps Journey channel on YouTube recently published this video that looks into what Portainer is and how to install it and use it to manage your Docker and Kubernetes …

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Topics:Docker/SwarmKubernetes Management PlatformContainers As A Service (CAAS)Deploy Containers

by Dimko, on February 5, 2021

Using Portainer to manage Azure Container Instances In this blog post we will learn how to add an Azure ACI instance to Portainer as an endpoint. We've also posted a …

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Topics:How ToPartner

by Dimko, on February 4, 2021

Deploying Portainer on Azure using Azure Kubernetes Service is extremely easy. We are going to describe here how to have Portainer up and running in no time on Azure using …

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Topics:Kubernetes Management PlatformHow ToPartner

by Dimko, on January 29, 2021

Deploying Portainer with the Digital Ocean Marketplace is extremely easy. We are going to describe here how to have Portainer up and running in no time with a small set …

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Topics:How ToPartnerLifecycle Management
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