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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Some happy customers

Customer and user feedback

Remy Simonsilionx
“We tried making Rancher work, but we found it was too complex. We needed to find something simpler that we could run with quickly without having to go up a steep learning curve.”
Rodrigo RamirezNextracker
Portainer allows us to manage all our Docker containers and Swarm orchestration. It has proven to be a robust, light and easy to use product." 
Jason PlumhoffInter-State Studio & Publishing Co.
It’s amazing how fast our containerization initiative has grown. From one dev fiddling around with docker-compose to a team running 3 small swarm clusters handling production workloads in one year... I doubt we could have moved that fast without Portainer to flatten out the learning curve. 
Suat Ugurlu, Associate Director, Technology Solutions Koton

"Portainer has allowed us to get our apps up and running in our Kubernetes environment quickly and easily. Our deployment times have dropped significantly and we’re seeing less production errors. It’s a great product." 

Azriel SamsonDirector of Software Systems
Portainer has been our "go to" solution for deploying and managing software on our swapping stations.
Travis WorthSystems Engineer
Portainer has been far and away a better product (than Mirantis) in my opinion. Simply based off the deployment alone, it’s far more straight forward, and there’s nothing deployed that isn’t needed."
Alfishan SalarNPS Survey
”Easy to use. And I don't have to SSH my server anymore. I am able to manage multiple servers on a single web interface which is excellent. It saves a lot of time with these tedious tasks.” 
Executive Sponsor in RetailG2 Review

"A KISS approach to Docker Swarm cluster and container Management accross multiple server-farms. Simplified docker-compose library for apps/services/containers. One place to manage services and stack deployments, easy to CD/CI and production push. Modular components and service architecture.

Jack WallenThe New Stack
"Portainer is my go-to container manager for both standalone Docker instances as well as Docker Swarm. This web-based platform is, by far, the most powerful, flexible, and reliable GUI tool for managing your containerized deployments.”
ING Software
Milos KosticIngsoftware
“We are using Portainer as a single tool to manage environments across multiple clients, projects teams, and technologies. It allows us to have an abstraction layer from which we can do CI, RBAC controls, and basic container interaction no matter which technology is used (Docker, Kubernetes, Nomad)."
Probal SilElyzium
“We provide applications to end users, which traditionally have been on-premise on virtual servers. Customers can easily follow what's going on with applications and access logs using Portainer, which makes their transitions quicker and easier than having to learn native commands. Portainer provides the perfect framework for managing containers, their state, log information, and secure access to the command line of a running container.”

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