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The purchase and use of Portainer products and services is governed by an Enterprise Agreement including a Licence and Support Agreement and the applicable Product Appendix(ces) which includes Exhibits for those Portainer products and services.

  • Overview

Formal Support for Portainer products is only available for Portainer Business Customers who have purchased a 9x5 or 24x7 plan. Portainer Support Services are only for companies with an active subscription to one of these plans. A company (the “Customer”) may purchase Support Services through one of these plans from the Portainer sales department. Once purchased, a Portainer representative will activate the Customer in the Portainer Support Portal system, which will enable the Customer to obtain technical support at the appropriate level of service.

  • Updates

These Terms of Service will be updated periodically. For example, as new releases become Generally Available, the End of Maintenance and End of Service dates will be refreshed and new products may be added. Older products may be modified or deleted from the Portainer Support Matrix. Please refer back to this page periodically for the current terms.

  • Terms of Support

For so long as the Customer pays all Fees, and subject to the conditions in sections 5 and 6 of the Schedule, must perform the Support Services. No Support Services will be provided for the Software if you cease payment under this Agreement.

  • Support Services:

The Support Services include, where applicable:

  1. support for the number of instances of the Software Endpoints purchased, during the Support Hours for up to 10 named support contacts;
  2. an onboarding virtual consult, to help you get the Software (and’s agents):
  3. deployed and configured against your authentication systems;
  4. connected to your CI/CD systems;
  5. connected to any storage subsystems; and
  6. configured with any networks that you may require.
  7. a 30-minute, monthly virtual consult, where you can ask any questions in relation to its use of the Software (excluding how-to support) “; and
  8. unlimited tickets for Incidents.
  • We provide: will provide you with:

  1. all Revisions of the Software; and
  2. all new Versions of the Software at the same time as the new Version is generally released.
  • Constraints
If a new Version is not installed or installation is delayed by you by more than 3 months from release, may, at its discretion:


  1. elect not to provide the Support Services; or
  2. require an additional amount to be paid by you for the provision of the Support Services.
  • Channels

As a condition to’s support and/or maintenance obligations under this Agreement, you must first use reasonable efforts to resolve the issue by referring to the Documentation; and contact during Support Hours via one of the following methods, for which details, guides and accounts are outlined during the onboarding process and consistent with the documentation provided at that time:

  1. Portainer Support Portal
  2. Email
  3. Private slack channel
  4. Zoom

You agree to: assist in identifying and correcting errors; execute reasonable diagnostic routines in accordance with instructions provided by (and inform of the results of such tests); and ensure that its designated support coordinators are sufficiently qualified and familiar with the Software to provide with reasonable assistance in diagnosing and addressing Errors.

  • Remote access

Support Services will only be rendered via agreed communications platforms as laid out in 7b. will not utilise VPN or other remote access and networking applications unless agreed in writing on a case-by-case basis.

  • Service Levels

The below table describes the SLA response times that you can expect to receive on any incident logged via the provided Support Tool:




Response Time

Target Action Time



Portainer down, inaccessible, all users affected

4 Business Hours

4 Business Hours



Core function affected, Most users impacted

6 Business Hours

8 Business Hours



Single function affected. Few users impacted

8 Business Hours

12 Business hours



Low number of users affected. Minor inconvenience

12 Business Hours

24 Business Hours




24 Business Hours

48 Business Hours


  • SLA Priorities
  1. Any incident logged by any communication other than the Support Tool should not expect the same response times.
  2. Support hours apply to your time zone specified in the license agreement.
  3. The term “business hour” is dependent on the service hours defined in the agreement.
  • Resolution will use reasonable efforts to provide a resolution to errors and incidents and provide a maintenance release of the Software if applicable. Resolution can include one or more of the following actions:

  1. Software configuration change
  2. Bug fix in a newer revision (of the same code branch)
  3. Permanent workaround
  4. Temporary workaround
  5. Action plan to deliver a fix or suitable workaround (e.g. upgrade to an already fixed version)

Nothing in this Agreement requires to provide Support Services where the support is required as a result of a circumstance described in clause 11.a to 11.e

  • Additional scope

Should you request to provide services that are otherwise beyond the scope of this Agreement (including, for example, providing assistance or other services in connection with a non-conformity that does not constitute an Error), you will pay for any such services that agrees to perform on a time-and-materials basis at’s then-current rates.

  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures?

For any reported security vulnerability, the Portainer team will immediately commence investigation and provide a resolution

  • In this Schedule:

Error means a reproducible failure of the Software to substantially comply with its Documentation, if any.

End of Life (EOL) The date after which neither security-related maintenance builds, nor technical support through Portainer, will be available for a product release.

End of Maintenance (EOM) The date that signifies when a specific product release will have no further code-level maintenance other than security-related updates deemed critical by Portainer. Security issues could be related to publicly identified security vulnerabilities or privately by Portainer and its ecosystem partners

General Availability (GA) The date that signifies when a Customer may purchase a support plan for a new product release from Portainer that is tagged “Stable”.

Incident means a single question posed by you in respect to any failure or suspected failure of the Software to substantially comply with its Documentation.

Revision means a modification to a Version that is generally released, in the nature of an improvement made to the Software to correct program faults or other defects or to effect minor enhancements to the functionality of the Software.

Support Hours means the support hours for the support option you have selected as set out in the Website

Version means an addition of the Software that is generally released which introduces material and new functionality to a previous Version of the Software and which goes beyond the scope of a Revision and includes all Documentation associated with such Version (if any).

Response means a Portainer representative (i.e. not automated) has provided a reply to a request submitted via the Portainer Support Tool.

  • Understanding Release Versions

"Major Releases" (X.y.z) deliver major features and enhancements. They are not guaranteed backwards compatible with any previous Major Release.

“Minor Releases” (x.Y.z) deliver minor feature developments, enhancements to existing features, and bug fixes. They incorporate all applicable fixes made in prior minor and maintenance releasees.

"Maintenance Releases" (x.y.Z) deliver bug fixes that are severely affecting a number of customers and cannot wait for the next major or minor release. They incorporate all applicable fixes made in prior maintenance releases.

  • General notices

Portainer products may be distributed with certain “open source software” or “free software” (“Open Source Software”) or contain open source integrations with other software. Open Source Software and integrations covered by Portainer SLAs, for each supported version of a Portainer product, are those validated and certified per Portainer Documentation

  • Deprecation of Functionality/Features in Major Releases

In a major release, there will be major changes to product functionality, features, and behaviors. There is no guarantee that these changes are backward compatible or offer similar functionality. Features that have been dropped, deprecated or altered will be documented in the release notes.

  • Customizations

Customizations are defined to include any changes to the original source code, including but not limited to changes to the User Interface, the addition or modification of adapters such as for authentication, VM or server provisioning, deploying the software (e.g., the management server) on operating system or platform versions that are not certified by Portainer, and altering the scripts and byte code included with the product. Customizations to this software may have unintended consequences and cause issues that are not present with the original, unmodified software. As a result, it is Portainer policy that any bugs, defects, or other issues that are present in areas of the product that the Customer has altered must be reproduced by the Customer on an unmodified system prior to the submission of a support case or bug report. Additionally, the Customer is required to state all customizations present on the system when submitting a support ticket.

  • Tickets

A ticket means a discrete technical or non-technical issue that is submitted by The Customer to Portainer that requires a response as specified below in this document. A ticket exists in the Portainer Support Portal and includes all the communication associated with the issue.

  • Support Portal Access and Ticket Entry

Portainer provides a full featured, web-based ticket management system that has numerous features and capabilities. The support portal is available to The Customer of any support tier 24×7 and is the primary method for ticket submission. The support portal allows The Customer to enter tickets, add information to existing tickets, receive information and updates about tickets, close tickets, and list their currently open and closed tickets.

  • Escalation Path

The Portainer Support Manager is available to discuss cases that have gone unresolved for an amount of time deemed unsatisfactory by the Customer. We hope you are satisfied with the support you have contracted for and that your organization’s needs are addressed promptly. However, Portainer recognizes that there may be times when additional attention or assistance is required. Upon request, the Support Manager will provide the Customer with contact information for the Vice President of Engineering or the Vice President of Customer Success to discuss issues that the support team has been unable to resolve for some time or that were resolved in an unsatisfactory manner.