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Why Portainer?

Portainer accelerates container adoption. It reduces operational complexity and addresses the security challenges of running containers in Docker, Swarm, Nomad and Kubernetes. 

Portainer is a universal container management platform that doesn't lock you into a single technology or vendor


Portainer delivers for Platform Teams, Devs and DevSecOps

Platform Teams

Standardize container usage by providing Devs with an Internal Developer Platform with a secure API proxy, private registry integration and cluster provisioning templates.


Provision clusters and self-serve Git-Ops pipelines to quickly deploy, triage and understand the runtime status of their containers.

DevSecOps Teams

Integrate with CI/CD tools and identity management systems to centrally manage authentication, access, audit and SSO with Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).


Portainer works really well if you're new to containers

We facilitate your transition

From VMs to Containers with Portainer; we help you get started with Docker, aide in the learning of distributed micro-service fundamentals, and then when the time is right, help you transition to Kubernetes.

We show you what's possible

With Containers, helping you to discover the power of this game changing technology, without you having to go learn all the commands, and what the commands do; we make all features immediately obvious, allowing for easy exploration and experimentation.

We help you get going fast

With your container based micro-service in the shortest amount of time possible, by removing the platform complexity commonly associated with the leap into a fully orchestrated, declarative, * as Code world. Our No-Code UI lets you click to deploy any range of applications, of near limitless complexity.


How does Portainer work? The architecture

Portainer consists of two parts: a Server and an Agent. Both run as lightweight containers. The Portainer Agent runs on the node in your cluster and communicates with the Portainer Server. The Portainer Server centrally manages the nodes it connects to a single Portainer server can manage up to 25,000 nodes.

Why our Customers chose Portainer

Talk to us about your project

We're here to answer your questions on how Portainer can speed up your adoption