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Get an Enterprise Free Trial

If you're an mid- to large- enterprise organization and you'd like to try Portainer for free on more than 3 nodes, please complete the form, and we'll respond within 12 business hours.

Please note that this Trial process is reserved for organizations who are actively trialling Portainer with a view to purchase. This is not an automated process, we will only send trial licenses to genuine contacts and organizations. 

If you have less than 5 nodes, or you're a Home User, please sign up for our Take 3 Nodes free offer. 

Please fill out the Contact Us page for general inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions. If the question you have is not answered here then please ask when submitting the form. We are happy to help. 

Do I need a license to use Portainer Business Edition? Yes. Portainer Business Edition is a commercial product requiring a license. You can start using Portainer Business Edition immediately, for free, for the first three nodes by signing up for our Take 3 Nodes Free program. For more than three nodes we offer pricing to suit a variety of use cases. Please note that our 3 nodes free offer is limited to ONE license per organization. 
How is Portainer Business Edition licensed?

Portainer Business Edition is a subscription license that renews annually. We offer multiple pricing tiers to accommodate a variety of use cases.  

What does the pricing model look like for Portainer Business Edition?

Review the information on our Pricing page. 

What is a node for licensing purposes?

A "node" can be simply described as a "server" (whether this is an actual physical server, a VM, a Raspberry Pi, or your desktop or laptop) that is capable of running containers (via Docker, Kubernetes or another orchestrator) which is either running the Portainer Server or is under the management of a Portainer Server installation.

View “What’s a Node for licensing purposes?” for more information.

We also offer a range of pricing for different node sizes:

- For Data Center/Cloud; Standard nodes (unlimited capacity), or Scale Out nodes (<= 16 cores or 16vCPU).

- For Edge Compute nodes; Edge Server (<= 16 cores), Edge Gateway/ Industrial/PC (<= 10 cores), Edge Linux PLC/ Mini PC (<= 4 cores) or IoT Sensor nodes (<=1Ghz). 

Is there special pricing for Home Users (personal, non-business use)?

Yes if you're a Home user, you can purchase our Home & Student license. It's important to note, that if you are a business, we will revoke the license key. Any existing 3 nodes free or 5 nodes free will be revoked. Purchase the Home & Student license.