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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.
Delivery Room Hospital

Early Warning Systems in Hospitals Benefit from Industrial Container Technology

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    • University Hospital of Antwerp
    • University of Antwerp

Early warning systems for failure detection are widespread in industrial applications, yet the healthcare sector is only now beginning to adopt these technologies.

Early Detection of Sepsis in Preterm Infants Meets High Complexity in Software Updates

Challenges and Inhibiting Factors

  • software and hardware devices
  • must comply with security and data protection guidelines
  • lack of management and require regular updates
  • lack of visibility and operational monitoring


Improvement of Neonatal Intensive Care and Easier Management and Updating of Software Installations

For Patients and Families
For Patients and Families Significantly improve neonatal intensive care by increasing patient safety and delivering solutions for families.
For Healthcare Professionals
For Healthcare Professionals Minimize the "technology" concerns whiel promoting research and development of new algorithms and treatment methods.
For IT Teams
For IT Teams

Enable easy and secure deployment of software and medical devices within hospital networks. 

The collaboration with several hospitals and the use of Portainer as a management tool represent an important step in validating the clinical effectiveness of the technology while simultaneously creating a framework for future innovations.

Use Case Portainer + Innocens

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Containers have become the cornerstone of building modern software applications, and Portainer reigns as the ultimate management solution. With its intuitive user interface, fortified by established best practices and cloud-native design patterns, Portainer alleviates the operational complexities of managing containers everywhere.