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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Manage your Docker environments

With support for Docker Standalone and Docker Swarm, Portainer helps you and your team get up and running on Docker with no fuss.


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Unlock the power of Docker

Portainer is a fully featured Docker and Docker Swarm management tool.

Running as a container on your infrastructure, Portainer gives you and your team the full power of Docker within an intuitive interface, letting you build, publish and deploy container images, manage networks and volumes, and configure scaling across your cluster. Portainer also makes it easy for you to secure, monitor and maintain your platform with features like RBAC, registry management, and external authentication support.

Build your images
Build your images Create and publish your Docker images directly from our intuitive interface, with no need to learn the CLI intricacies.
Browse your registries
Browse your registries Using our registry browsing functionality you can browse and manage your image registries directly from within Portainer.
Deploy your application
Deploy your application

Spin up containers and services from your own or others' images manually, via Git, or with our powerful app templates functionality.

Manage your clusters
Manage your clusters From single Docker Standalone deployments to huge Swarm clusters, Portainer lets you manage your setup from one system.
Secure your environments
Secure your environments Configure access controls on your environments and containers, ensuring that the right people get the right access and nothing more.
Troubleshoot your configuration
Troubleshoot your configuration

Easily view container logs, environment resource usage and configuration, and make the necessary changes with a few clicks.

What do our customers say?

Portainer just works. It does what Docker does best and uses the same KISS principle I grew up on. Just keep it simple. Portainer has been far and away a better product in my opinion. Simply based off the deployment alone, it’s far more straight forward, and there’s nothing deployed that isn’t needed. ”. Read more. 
Travis WorthSystems Engineer

Key Docker Features

Portainer provides all the features you need to manage and secure your Docker environment.

  • Container and service deployment and management 
  • External authentication with auto sync
  • GitOps automation
  • New image notification
  • Registry management 
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • App templates
  • S3 backups

Frequently asked questions

Your Docker questions answered.

Does Portainer work with both Docker Standalone and Swarm?

Yes, Portainer supports both standalone Docker installs and Docker Swarm clusters, and you can even manage both from one Portainer installation.

Can we migrate stacks to a different host / cluster? Yes, you can use our Stack duplication / migration function
Can we see container stats? Yes, real-time container stats for CPU, Memory, Network and IO are available.
How many environments can I manage with Portainer?

As many as you need. We've tested with up to 15,000 distinct environments managed by one Portainer instance, and we're constantly working on improving the scalability of Portainer.

Can we browse Docker volumes? Yes, volume browser with file upload and download functionality is available for our agent based Docker / Swarm environments.
Is it possible to have access control per stack / container? Yes, RBAC roles can be assigned per stack or container. You can choose between Global or Local roles based on your requirements.
Can we use authenticated custom registries? Portainer admin can create and assign registry access to users / namespaces. We even provide registry browse feature for supported registries.

Talk to us about your Docker project

We're here to answer your questions on how Portainer can speed up your Docker adoption.