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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.
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Digital Service in the Packaging Sector with IoT Integration

  • 40Factory Partner Solution
  • Customer Spotlight
    • Goglio - leading company in manufacturing complete packaging systems for food

Industrial IoT as an enabler for servitization and the rapid growth of connected devices through innovative service proposals.

Easily deployable and flexible IIoT solutions have introduced unforeseen challenges with industrial machines.

Challenges and Inhibiting Factors

  • hardware and cloud-independent communication channels
  • global management and scale
  • cybersecurity and support concerns
  • lack of visibility and operational monitoring


MAT Control Center + Goglio MIND + Portainer

For IT and OT Teams
For IT and OT Teams Remove the technological hurdles of managing IIoT applications on industry-specific hardware disappear, enabling anyone from both IT and OT to work together.
For Plant Designers
For Plant Designers Testing microservice architectures and knowing they can be centrally managed lays the foundation for future machine and plant builder developments. 
For Operations Teams
For Operations Teams

Monitor the operational status of devices, safely and centrally update configurations and software

Establish the groundwork for future advancements in machine and plant builder developments with 40Factory and Portainer.

Goglio MIND Packaging

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Containers have become the cornerstone of building modern software applications, and Portainer reigns as the ultimate management solution. With its intuitive user interface, fortified by established best practices and cloud-native design patterns, Portainer alleviates the operational complexities of managing containers everywhere.