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Industrial IoT Smart Manufacturing

Industrial IoT / Smart Manufacturing

Deployment architecture

Transfer data from sensors from the shop floor to central local IT systems or to the cloud via an Edge Gateway using for instance MQTT or UPC-UA.
The data is consumed by applications that often provide dashboarding, condition monitoring or predictive maintenance capabilities. It’s also very common that the data is sent to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to gain powerful insights and decision support.
Edge Devices:
Industrial PC as OT/IT Gateway and PLC.
Network Characteristics:

Segregated OT and IT network, isolated network between OT and IT network, very restricted network access between OT and isolated network as well as between isolated and IT network.

Portainer running on:
Edge Devices (Portainer Agent), Edge Gateway (Portainer Server), Cloud/Central IT System (Portainer Server).
Download Diagram:
Download a full size version of the IIOT diagram.

Architecture Examples

Take your Industrial IoT and Edge Project into the future with Portainer

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