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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Gain control with Kubernetes Management

Kubernetes multi-cluster management is powerful but complex. Portainer's intuitive Kubernetes management platform allows admins to manage and secure the cluster quickly, while the built-in, sane defaults keep the team on the right track.
Portainer Kubernetes GUI

Key Features

Portainer provides everything you need to secure and manage your Kubernetes environment.

  • RBAC for Kubernetes
  • KaaS cluster provisioning
  • GitOps automation
  • Import via kubeconfig file
  • Registry management
  • Pod security constraints
  • External authentication
  • Resource overcommitment

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Watch this short Kube Demo

Watch this short demo from That DevOps Guy on why he recommends using Portainer for Kubernetes. 

Accelerate your Kubernetes adoption

Portainer absorbs the complexity of deploying and maintaining your Kubernetes environment. 

Your Platform Team can use Portainer to offer a secure Kubernetes API proxy, enforce your organization's policies and templates, deploy clusters in the cloud, and centralize authentication and access with easy role based access control (RBAC).

Get the benefits of Kubernetes sooner
Get the benefits of Kubernetes sooner Portainer's intuitive UI gets you up to speed quickly with sane defaults built in to keep your team on the right track.
Secure your cluster and deployments
Secure your cluster and deployments Set security policies per-cluster to keep your deployments safe, secure, and only accessing what they need.
Deploy even the most complex app in seconds
Deploy even the most complex app in seconds Learn how easy it can be to spin up your deployment with Portainer.
Configure your networking
Configure your networking Set up ingress controllers and load balancers for your deployments quickly and easily.
Use Kubernetes without complications
Use Kubernetes without complications You don't need to learn Kubernetes specific code or remember the command line syntax or terminology. Instead, stay focused on development.
Monitor your resources
Monitor your resources Visually monitor memory and CPU usage across your cluster. No need to worry about running out of resources: Portainer has you covered.

What do our customers say?

With Portainer, deployment time has decreased significantly. It takes very little time for developers to publish the apps into our production environment using the GUI. We plan to move to an automated GitOps-based deployment model in due course, which is another reason for selecting Portainer as it has a GitOps engine already integrated into the platform”. Read more. 
Suat UgurluAssociate Director, Technology Solutions and IT Security
“Giving customers the ability to login and check and reboot containers themselves via Portainer was a huge win for us. We love helping our customers and we want to spend time working with them on other more complex tasks that provide them more value, rather than jobs like rebooting containers”. Read more. 
Remy SimonsHosting Team Lead

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions we get about Kubernetes and Portainer.

Which Kubernetes distros does Portainer work with?

Portainer has been used successfully with MicroK8s, K3s, K8s Native, OpenShift, AKS, EKS, DOKS, and more, either self-hosted or managed.

Does Portainer work with Rancher or OpenShift?

Yes Portainer can work alongside both Rancher and OpenShift, and can be used to manage clusters set up with RKE and OpenShift. 

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How many clusters can I manage with Portainer? As many as you need. We've tested with up to 15,000 distinct environments managed by one Portainer instance, and we're constantly working on improving the scalability of Portainer.
Can I use load-balancers/ingress and control their usage? You can enable/disable the use of load-balancer and ingress in Portainer, you may even selectively enable which ingress controller users are able to consume.
Is access control applied to the cluster using Kubernetes RBAC? Access control rules set in Portainer is applied to the Kubernetes Cluster using its native RBAC policies. This enables us to provide downloadable kubeconfig file that can be used with your favourite tool.
Can I use my Kubernetes at the Edge with Portainer? Yes, you simply have to deploy an edge agent and enable communication to the main Portainer instance.
Can I create / Scale Clusters from Portainer? Portainer offers KaaS capabilities where you can spin up or scale a cluster in your Public Cloud instance. We currently support AKS, EKS, GKE, Digital Ocean, Linode and Civo, more to be added along with an on-prem option.

Got a question that isn’t answered above? Get in touch!

Our team is here to answer your questions on how Portainer can accelerate your adoption of Kubernetes.