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Dimko February 22, 2022 1 min read

Portainer In Action!

Each day, we want to celebrate what our community does. This time, our Developer Advocate Dimko Zhluktenko was invited for a joint event with Francesco Ciulla.

Francesco is our active community member and a Portainer Advocate, who we love with all our heart for all the effort that he does on educating the community of Docker and beyond. He runs the event series called 'In Action' which is intended to showcase each tool with the maximum value for the user in a very limited timeframe.

We did a short intro of Portainer and it's capabilities. Then we jumped straight into a demo. The goal was to show how easy it is to deploy an application with Portainer into any environment - Docker standalone, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes. Indeed, it's a seamless process, as noted by Francesco on the livestream.

Moreover, Dimko managed to squeeze an Easter egg into the event, and surprise everyone with a nice cosmetic enhancement he did to Portainer during the demo.

Make sure to watch the recording and find out what was that surprise!

Overall, that was a great pleasure talking both to Francesco and his open-minded audience. Here is a link to his channel if you want to subscribe for more Docker and beyond tech from Francesco -

We are happy to be united with the community and encourage other creators passionate about the community to reach out to us. Together, we will rock the world!