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Automatic over-the-air configuration of distributed industrial systems

  • Softing Partner Solution

Softing and Portainer simplify the manual system configuration in large-scale industrial projects at remote sites where site-specific configurations are required for setup.

Automating processes to reduce manual effort

Portainer and Softing's innovative solution uses container technology to automatically configure the edgeConnector software over-the-air which significantly reduces manual effort for Softing. 

Challenges and inhibiting factors

  • Many industrial projects are large and span multiple locations and buildings. Accordingly, industrial computers and device controls are also distributed. Site-specific configurations are necessary for each system and application. Manually configuring these systems and applications is time-consuming and impractical for large installations.
  • Lack of reliability 
  • Difficult to scale in a secure manner
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Softing's edgeConnectors + Portainer

Far simpler deployment and configuration
Far simpler deployment and configuration By using modern container technology, the deployment and configuration of software on edge devices is greatly simplified.
Securely manage apps + devices
Securely manage apps + devices

With the help of the intuitive user interface of Portainer, users can now quickly and securely manage applications and devices.

Faster, more scalable + reliable
Faster, more scalable + reliable This solution not only reduces time spent, but also improves the scalability and reliability of operational infrastructure.

Scale with Softing and Portainer

With its intuitive user interface, fortified by established best practices and cloud-native design patterns, Portainer alleviates the operational complexities of managing containers everywhere.