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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Industrial IoT and Edge
Business Edition Pricing

Portainer Business offers flexible licensing options for enterprises, including server plus per-node licensing. With features like 9x5 support and customer success, it caters to the unique needs of businesses.
Community Supported Options

Portainer Business provides Community Supported Options for Home & Student use and organizations with a minimal container footprint. Purchase can be made conveniently via Credit Card.
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Portainer News and Blog

Neil Cresswell, CEOJuly 14, 20217 min read

Stacks = docker-compose, the Portainer way

Learn how you can use Portainer and its stacks feature to use docker-compose files, as ...
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DimkoJuly 8, 2021< 1 min read

The best Docker and Kubernetes GUI - a DevOps perspective

The DevOps Journey recently took a look at Portainer as a Kubernetes GUI - how to install ...
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Diane HannayJune 9, 20211 min read

Takeaways from DockerCon '21 - Presentations, Stories & Docker Desktop

DockerCon is a wrap! This blog post shares our key takeaways, the presentations from both ...
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Diane HannayMay 25, 20211 min read

DockerCon Details & Portainer Swag for Stories Giveaway

Portainer DockerCon details and Docker/Docker Swarm call for stories including ...
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Neil Cresswell, CEOApril 27, 2021< 1 min read

Running Linux and Windows containers at the same time on Windows 10

Need to run Linux and Windows Docker containers at the same time on your Windows 10 ...
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Adolfo DelorenzoApril 9, 2021< 1 min read

Portainer as an alternative to Synology Docker GUI

Why Portainer instead of Synology Docker GUI? Using Portainer offers access to all Docker ...
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Neil Cresswell, CEOFebruary 23, 20211 min read

Discovering Boston Dynamics Spot CORE Uses Portainer for Docker Container Management

Discovering Boston Dynamics Spot CORE Uses Portainer for Docker Container Management
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Adolfo DelorenzoFebruary 15, 2021< 1 min read

Creating a Docker Swarm on Azure with Terraform

Part 2 of the super helpful series on Creating a Docker Swarm on Azure with Terraform (in ...
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Neil Cresswell, CEODecember 17, 20202 min read

Portainer and rootless Docker

How to deploy Portainer on Rootless Docker Host
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Neil Cresswell, CEONovember 6, 20203 min read

Docker Hub Introduces Rate Limits from 2 November 2020

So, the 2nd of November has passed, and Docker is now enforcing Docker Hub pull rate ...
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