Configuration Management (aka Infrastructure as Code)

Configuration Management is a process whereby infrastructure services are provisioned and configured remotely either through remote agents, REST API or command line tools based on machine-readable definition files. This enables an entire, fully functional, application ready environment to be deployed and started with a single command line.

Docker Secrets management in

With the release of Portainer 1.13.2 we now have the ability to create and assign "Secrets" to Docker Swarm Services. This is a big improvement in security as it means sensitive information (such as passwords) do not need to be passed to containers through plain-text environment variables.

Team/Group Management for Docker in

With the release of Portainer 1.13, we have extended the RBAC function to include Team management. This new feature means that you can now assign users into teams, authorise teams to access endpoints, enable containers/services/volume management at the team level, and really, just provide fine grained access control.