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Powerful container management

Deploy, configure, troubleshoot and secure containers in minutes on Kubernetes, Docker, and Swarm in any data center, cloud, network edge or IIOT device. 
Portainer User Interface - Multiple endpoints

The most popular container management platform in the world, with more than 1 million users and 24,600 GitHub stars

Trusted by thousands of companies to accelerate container adoption

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Save time by deploying apps rapidly and centralizing your container management


Reduce risk by managing and securing your clusters quickly


Minimize complexity with sane defaults to keep your team on the right track


Portainer gives you hybrid and multi-cloud, multi-cluster, multi-device, container management

Portainer supports Kubernetes, Docker, and Docker Swarm running in any data center, cloud, network edge, or IIOT device. 

Use Portainer in the way
that suits you

Portainer addresses a wide-range of container management challenges.


Works with your favorite tools

Portainer works with all of these platforms and many more.

Get started with Portainer

Containers are the way the world builds modern software applications, and Portainer is the way the world manages containers. With an intuitive UI, backed by codified best practices and cloud-native design patterns, Portainer reduces the operational burden of multi-cluster container management.