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Neil Cresswell, CEOJune 9, 20242 min read

Help me pitch Portainer to my business (email template)

We're often asked if we can provide some information to help pitch Portainer to businesses or managers. So here's an email template that you can use for this purpose. 

Hi [Insert Manager Name],

Some time ago, I signed up for a Portainer 3 nodes free offer [or a Portainer Free Trial, or  Portainer CE].

I signed up to evaluate Portainer’s container management solution and see if it lived up to the promise of helping to simplify the adoption of containers, and in turn, achieve significantly shorter time-to-value.

After a positive evaluation of the platform and hearing excellent recommendations from my network, I would like to request a purchase of Portainer so we can deploy it for our full environment.

If you aren’t familiar with Portainer, it is a highly reputable, container management solution that will enable us to:

  • Lower our overall cost to manage a container platform, through greater operational efficiency
  • Save time by deploying apps rapidly and centralizing our container management
  • Reduce security risks by centrally managing and securing our container environments quickly, and with pre-configured templates
  • Minimize user complexity with sane defaults to keep our team on the right track as we all get familiar with this new technology.

Another reason that will make Portainer valuable to our business is that while it’s true that Portainer is just one tool amongst several tools that we require for this project, Portainer replaces the need for several of these tools, for example:

  • Cluster Centralized Authentication and Role Based Access Control
  • Security Policy Engine
  • GitOps Pipeline Tooling
  • Centralized Log Viewing and Performance Metrics visibility

Here’s four case studies from Portainer customers for your review:

My overarching reason for requesting this purchase is simple: I want to increase our ability to create results and help drive our business forward with this new container management technology. I’m excited to be a key part of this project and am committed to sharing what I’ve learned with my colleagues.

Who's behind Portainer? Portainer was created by founder Neil Cresswell to help companies access the truly transformative power of containers. The open-source version of Portainer is used by more than 900,000 users worldwide. The business edition version of Portainer which includes the critical security features we need, is used by 30,000 businesses across the globe. I believe a Portainer purchase is an important step in our container management journey, and that it will speed up our container adoption. Along with the purchase, comes support from the Portainer technical experts which will ensure that we’re well supported along the way.



For further help, please refer to our page "Building a business case for Portainer".

If you'd like more specific information to support your business case, please Contact Sales


Neil Cresswell, CEO

Neil brings more than twenty years’ experience in advanced technology including virtualization, storage and containerization.


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