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Software Development and Delivery at Scale

Healthcare - Americas

Business Overview

Business Focus
Based in the United States
Business Case

This developer of surgical intelligence and automation technologies has a goal to make surgery smarter, safer, and more profitable.

Container Platforms
Docker and Kubernetes on AWS

Customer Objectives

Improve deployment times caused by lengthy triage dependencies  
Enhance scalability and increase security measures  
Streamline version control and maintenance  

Company Background

The vendor-agnostic surgical technology platform enables care providers the ability to capture new insights from video and harness new and existing healthcare data across their enterprise by streamlining workflows, improve care delivery, and enhancing patient outcomes – in and around the operating room (OR).

Timely, predictive insights enable surgeons and their teams to benchmark and improve their care, hospital administrators to use time and surgical resources more efficiently, and their partners to grow surgical revenues and market share under both value-based and traditional care models.

Addressing the challenge


Help surgical care providers drive better profit margins – so they can reduce the total cost of care, increase reimbursement and thrive in a value-based payment world.


Drive better patient outcomes – along with higher scores for patient safety and patient satisfaction.


Drive enhanced operational efficiency – allowing for enhanced optimization and resource utilization.


Quotes from the Team

"Skilled talent is an issue for us because it takes 6 months to ramp to the necessary Docker and K8s skill level. With Portainer it really shortened the time to productive down to weeks."

"We can remotely monitor our software because Portainer goes from green to red on the dashboard. This might sound simple and inconsequential but it’s not. We can immediately respond before a doctor arrives to perform surgery.”

“We are better able to scale because Portainer has secure push-button to deploy capability streamlining version control and maintenance."

"Life prior to Portainer, I was doing all the triage “unblocking” of our software engineers. Now, if an engineer tries something out and it doesn’t work on Portainer, he can’t push it out. Portainer forces our developers to unblock and be self-organized. This means all eight of us can triage a problem – not just me."

"We looked for a solution like Portainer because remotely managing software updates is a nightmare. We were using Docker but wanted to make it more efficient and securitize it."

"We are easily 10-15% more productive because we are able to get an additional 2 stories done per two-week sprint, make it more efficient and securitize it."

Technical Implications

Triage and Remediate
Triage and Remediate

Portainer enables the development team to troubleshoot during development. Allowing operations teams to focus on production.

Platform Management
Platform Management

Portainer accelerates container adoption due to its support for Docker and Kubernetes.

Continuous Delivery
Continuous Delivery

With Portainer, deployment times have improved because the development team is able to deliver additional stories during every software sprint.

The Results

$10.5M increase in profits  
5 month time to productivity reduction  
$170K worth of productivity savings  

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