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Accelerate container adoption

Irrespective of your industry, orchestration platform, or computing device, Portainer is the most versatile container management software that simplifies your secure adoption of containers with remarkable speed.

From the datacenter and cloud to Industrial IoT and Edge Devices

Trusted by thousands of global organizations

Hear from our Customers and Users

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Joshua O'BrienSystems Engineer
I am able to quickly look at what’s going on, get a holistic view of everything. Very quickly I look at the stack and services - instead of digging up docker commands, it’s all automated.” Read more
Adefemi AjayiApplication Platform Owner, Global
"It takes time and takes some effort, but immediately, the 20 users are already seeing major productivity gains. We’re looking at being 80% more productive in the future." Read more. 
Jason PlumhoffLead Developer / Software Architect
"It’s amazing how fast our containerization initiative has grown. From one dev fiddling around with docker-compose to a team running 3 small swarm clusters handling production workloads in one year... I doubt we could have moved that fast without Portainer to flatten out the learning curve." 
Senior QA EngineerTech Titan
“Portainer saved my team of 7, the hiring of an engineer.” Read more
Senior Technical ManagerAmerican Manufacturing
Portainer lowers the barriers to entry for containers for our entire group. There isn’t a lot of container expertise out there and we aren’t a high-tech company so you won’t find a lot of expertise in house. Portainer is a huge thing for us to scale, create repeatability and ease of use." Read more
Remy SimonsSenior Cloud Engineer, ilionx

“Application teams that had zero knowledge of Kubernetes now work completely autonomous and release their applications without worries throughout the day.”

Read more

Azriel SamsonDirector of Software Systems, Ample
Portainer has been our "go to" solution for deploying and managing software on our swapping stations.
Suat UgurluAssociate Director, Technology Solutions, Koton

"Portainer has allowed us to get our apps up and running in our Kubernetes environment quickly and easily. Our deployment times have dropped significantly and we’re seeing less production errors. It’s a great product." Read more

Travis WorthSystems Engineer, Stored Value Solutions

“Our goal was to maintain our Docker infrastructure while adding the ability for RBAC for developers to view logs in multiple environments while not having advanced privileges. Portainer just works.” Read more

Rodrigo RamirezSnr Director of Software, Nextracker
Portainer allows us to manage all our Docker containers and Swarm orchestration. It has proven to be a robust, light and easy to use product." 
Rick ScherpenzeelDevOps Engineer, Contezza
Easy to use and user friendly UI.
Jack WallenThe New Stack
"Portainer is my go-to container manager for both standalone Docker instances as well as Docker Swarm. This web-based platform is, by far, the most powerful, flexible, and reliable GUI tool for managing your containerized deployments.” Read more

Container Management across cloud, data center, network edge, and Industrial IoT devices.

Portainer enabling seamless operation in diverse environments, including the datacenter, public cloud, network edge, and Industrial IoT devices.

Works with your favorite tools

Portainer works with all of these platforms and many more.

Start your journey today

Containers have become the cornerstone of building modern software applications, and Portainer reigns as the ultimate management solution. With its intuitive user interface, fortified by established best practices and cloud-native design patterns, Portainer alleviates the operational complexities of managing containers everywhere.