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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

IIoT Device Management Platform

Secure app deployment and device management for your Industrial IoT, IoT and Edge devices.

Why Portainer for Industrial IoT and Edge?

With more than 650,000 active users, Portainer delivers benefits for Operational Technology (OT), Security, and Information Technology (IT) teams.

Portainer won’t lead to a vendor lock-in when realizing cloud projects because of being runtime and orchestrator agnostic supporting Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes.

Watch our Edge Demo

Watch a full end-to-end demo of Portainer managing Edge devices at scale. 

What our partners say

Helmut SaalSystems Specialist Linux

“Docker and container technology have their origin in the IT landscape. With the help of Portainer, automation technicians and engineers, who are for instance, programming PLCs in their daily work, can also manage and deploy containers easily with almost no training period."


Dr. Christopher AnhaltVP Product Marketing

"We see an increasing number of customers who need to operate machine connectivity efficiently as a component of larger Industrial IoT solutions. Softing’s containerized connectivity products and Portainer make machine connectivity easy to use and easy to scale in production environments - an ideal combination for many organizations and users at the interface between IT and OT."


Mike Elsen_Inray
Mike ElsenCEO

"Our OPC Router is a no-code software for connecting cloud, ERP systems, databases and devices that have been proven in the industry for almost 20 years. With Portainer's similar no-code approach, the use cases of the OPC Router are easily orchestrated and rolled out across the enterprise with just a few "clicks". Therefore, Docker container management by Portainer is a perfect match."



Adélio Fernandes_Critical Manufacturing 2022
Adélio FernandesVP of Engineering

"Portainer has an excellent container management platform with Industry 4.0 specific features. Easy-to-use, the platform allows to securely deploy and manage MES on the customer's infrastructure without requiring extensive IT knowledge. Our partnership is an ideal opportunity to provide new and existing customers with a containerized MES across a variety of industries."

Critical Manufacturing -horizontal-color_2022


Philipp StrussCo-Founder & CEO at Cedalo

"MQTT brokers form the communication backbone of the industrial internet of things and lie at the core of most architectural designs. They facilitate the connectivity and data transmission among things as well as applications on the edge, in the cloud, and in hybrid setups bridging the world of OT and IT. However, managing a fleet of MQTT brokers through different versions and configurations requires diligence and knowledge, which is greatly simplified and supported using Portainer as the management platform"




Klaus LandsdorfCEO - Managing Partner

Portainer gives us the flexibility to work with different software tools using the same UI and API. Especially the API provides us new opportunities as a software vendor and as a system integrator in the digital transformation market. Portainer is available from the edge to the cloud without any vendor lock-in. Thanks to the whole Portainer-Team to save us a lot of time and work!


Jerod Venema
Jerod VenemaCEO and Co-Founder

“The benefits of partnering with Portainer were evident to our team very quickly. LiveSwitch involves a number of complex systems that have to scale up and down dynamically, at extreme scale, with massive throughput and a tremendously low tolerance for any sort of latency. This complexity lends itself well to a powerful container management platform such as Portainer.”




Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions we get about Portainer and Edge deployments.

Which Edge Devices can be used for Portainer’s Agent?

Portainer’s Agent is very lightweight and only uses about 10 MB of RAM. That’s why it runs also on Edge Devices with limited hardware resources.

The supported architectures and the compatible and required Docker or Kubernetes versions can be found at:

Kubernetes is only needed if you want to manage your Kubernetes cluster via Portainer. 

Can you recommend a company for purchasing Edge devices? We recommend you use Edge Devices on which Docker is already pre-installed. Our IoT partner Wago offers these devices and we have partnered together to deliver a joint solution to Simplify and Secure Industrial IoT Device Fleet Management.

Interested in using Portainer for your next Edge project?

Contact our Sales team and find out about our transparent license model. It’s based on the number of nodes and there is no traffic-based billing.