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Unleash the power of containers

Portainer empowers you to securely manage containerized applications across Docker, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes.


Deliver what your platform engineering team is building

Lower Overall Cost
  • Elevate the capabilities of your existing team
  • Remain focused on application delivery
  • Fewer components to maintain
Cloud Native ROI
  • Enable rapid deployment of applications
  • Simplify triage and remediation
  • Focus on the benefits, not the technology!
Empower the Individual
  • Simplify the difficult tasks
  • Support freedom and choice within appropriate guardrails
  • Increase visibility and collaboration
Reduce Platform Risk
  • Deliver a secure by default container platform
  • Visibility of applications across Cloud Native environments
  • Prescriptive Golden Paths

From the datacenter to the cloud

Portainer is a universal container management platform that doesn't lock you into a single technology or vendor


How does Portainer work? The architecture

Portainer consists of two parts: a Server and an Agent. Both run as lightweight containers. The Portainer Agent runs on the node in your cluster and communicates with the Portainer Server. The Portainer Server centrally manages the nodes it connects to a single Portainer server can manage up to 25,000 nodes.

Portainer Architecture Diagram

Read more from our Customers and Users

Rodrigo RamirezNextracker
Portainer allows us to manage all our Docker containers and Swarm orchestration. It has proven to be a robust, light and easy to use product." 
Suat Ugurlu, Associate Director, Technology Solutions Koton

"Portainer has allowed us to get our apps up and running in our Kubernetes environment quickly and easily. Our deployment times have dropped significantly and we’re seeing less production errors. It’s a great product." 

Remy Simonsilionx
“We tried making Rancher work, but we found it was too complex. We needed to find something simpler that we could run with quickly without having to go up a steep learning curve.”
Travis WorthSystems Engineer
Portainer has been far and away a better product (than Mirantis) in my opinion. Simply based off the deployment alone, it’s far more straight forward, and there’s nothing deployed that isn’t needed."
Jack WallenThe New Stack
"Portainer is my go-to container manager for both standalone Docker instances as well as Docker Swarm. This web-based platform is, by far, the most powerful, flexible, and reliable GUI tool for managing your containerized deployments.”
Alfishan SalarNPS Survey
”Easy to use. And I don't have to SSH my server anymore. I am able to manage multiple servers on a single web interface which is excellent. It saves a lot of time with these tedious tasks.” 
Executive Sponsor in RetailG2 Review

"A KISS approach to Docker Swarm cluster and container Management accross multiple server-farms. Simplified docker-compose library for apps/services/containers. One place to manage services and stack deployments, easy to CD/CI and production push. Modular components and service architecture.

Take containers to the next level with Portainer

Contact our Sales team and find out about our transparent license model. It’s based on the number of nodes and there is no traffic-based billing.