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James CarppeMay 8, 20223 min read

New Portainer CE and BE 2.13 - with Kubernetes provisioning

Please note that this blog is now out of date. For a full list of Portainer's current features and functionality please go to our Portainer Features page

Portainer version 2.13 includes a number of changes and updates from previous versions as well as some new Business Edition-specific features. For a full list of changes, please refer to our release notes.

  • Provisioning Kubernetes in the Cloud

One of the most exciting new features in 2.13 is the ability to provision Kubernetes environments on cloud providers directly from within Portainer. With a couple of clicks, you can spin up a Kubernetes environment in the cloud right from Portainer itself, automatically deploying the Portainer Agent to the new cluster ready for you to manage.


In this release, we're supporting provisions on Civo, Linode and DigitalOcean, with more providers to come in the future. You can learn more about provisioning in this blog post.


James Carppe

A former web developer, operations manager, and radio announcer, James is a big fan of technology in all forms. When not making videos and helping Portainer customers out, you'll often find him watching films and television, pretending to be a photographer, and tinkering with the latest gadgets.


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