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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Industrial IoT and Edge
Business Edition Pricing

Portainer Business offers flexible licensing options for enterprises, including server plus per-node licensing. With features like 9x5 support and customer success, it caters to the unique needs of businesses.
Community Supported Options

Portainer Business provides Community Supported Options for Home & Student use and organizations with a minimal container footprint. Purchase can be made conveniently via Credit Card.
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James Carppe

A former web developer, operations manager, and radio announcer, James is a big fan of technology in all forms. When not making videos and helping Portainer customers out, you'll often find him watching films and television, pretending to be a photographer, and tinkering with the latest gadgets.

Blog Post by James Carppe

James CarppeAugust 31, 20234 min read

Portainer Latest Version - 2.19 is now available

Portainer Latest Release - 2.19 is now available, with improved performance and update ...
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James CarppeApril 18, 20233 min read

Portainer 2.18 is now available with improved performance, MicroK8s cluster creation, and more.

Portainer 2.18 is now available. Discover improved performance, MicroK8s cluster ...
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James CarppeFebruary 7, 20235 min read

Portainer 2.17 is now available

Portainer 2.17 and 2.17.1 (patch) are now available. This version includes backup to ...
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James CarppeOctober 31, 20223 min read

Portainer 2.16 is now available

Portainer 2.16 is now available. It includes improvements to ingresses, git creds ...
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James CarppeSeptember 5, 20224 min read

Portainer 2.15 - a new UI, GPU support, pod security policies and more

Portainer 2.15 is now available. It includes a brand new UI, support for GPUs in Docker, ...
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James CarppeJune 29, 20222 min read

Portainer 2.14 - now with Kubernetes provisioning on EKS, GKE, and AKS

Portainer 2.14 is here. It includes a raft of new features including the ability to ...
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James CarppeMay 16, 20221 min read

Portainer announces Kubernetes provisioning on DigitalOcean, Linode and Civo

Learn how to spin up a Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean, Linode or CIVO using ...
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James CarppeMay 8, 20222 min read

Pre-staging Edge environments with Portainer

Learn how to pre-load edge devices with a startup script to deploy the Portainer Edge ...
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James CarppeMay 8, 20223 min read

New Portainer CE and BE 2.13 - with Kubernetes provisioning

Learn what's new in Portainer CE and Portainer BE 2.13 - including Kubernetes ...
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