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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

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Onboarding to Application Deployment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Industrial Fleet Management

Europe (German) / 10 April @ 9AM CEST
Europe (English) / 10 April @ 11AM CEST
Americas (English) 10 April @ 12PM EDT / 9AM PDT

Containerization technology is set to play a pivotal role in Industry 4.0 and beyond. Over the past decade, containerized software has transformed the IT landscape, enabling scalable and high-availability software deployment in production environments.

Industrial applications demand over-the-air device and application management, visualization tools, and data aggregation software—all trending towards flexible, container-based solutions. Hence, Portainer and WAGO have collaborated to offer built-in container support with an intuitive interface tailored to help industrial professionals manage PLC and controller lifecycles.

This webinar will showcase the collaboration between Portainer and WAGO, featuring a practical use case with Portainer-enabled WAGO hardware. It will cover device provisioning and configuration, Codesys application deployment, and device security via container technology.

What you will learn

In this session, Portainer and WAGO will show you how you can leverage container technology throughout the lifecycle of your industrial controllers and PLCs. The session will include:
  • Mass onboarding of hardware through Portainer
  • OTA WAGO Firmware upgrades enabled by Portainer
  • Mass WAGO Device Configuration
  • Large-scale Codesys app deployment with device-specific configurations
  • Securing devices in the field

This session is designed for:

  • IoT Engineers
  • OT Engineers
  • IIoT Management
  • Leadership