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Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Adolfo DelorenzoDecember 9, 20211 min read

Portainer Community Edition 2.11 Release

Portainer Community Edition 2.11 Release

This update to Portainer CE brings with it a number of enhancements, fixes and features. 

  1. Support for AWS ECR
    We have added support to AWS ECR registry to the registry list within Portainer. You will now be able to add and browse private registries hosted on AWS ECR. Public registries can also be added but they do not have the browse ability.

  2. Introduce the ability to create and use API Access Tokens
    With the introduction of Portainer API Access Tokens, users can integrate automation systems more easily. API Access Tokens remove the time expiry issue from having to log in as a specific user that then had a session expiry related to it, then requiring logging in again. The access token allows you to call specific Portainer actions.

  3. Allow tags to be defined when importing a Docker image
    Introduced the ability to set image tags at the time of import

  4. Provide a simple way to get access to all your environment contexts 
    Kubconfig download was a first step implementation in 2.9 allowing you to download the config for a specific environment. With the interest it gained, we have expanded its function by moving the Kubeconfig Download button to the Homepage view. When clicking on this it now allows you to select and download all your environments that you have access to.

  5. Do not invalidate Kubeconfig upon Portainer restarting
    Every time a portainer instance got restarted the kubeconfigs got invalidated. With this change upon restarting your portainer, it will retain your existing kubeconfigs valid.


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