“The Byte” Portainer Review

Thanks to Brian Christner (@idomyowntricks - brianchristner.io) for his in-depth review of Portainer... https://share.transistor.fm/s/0e858616

If you have a podcast app, you can listen to his review here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-byte/id1458239505



Portainer Support Policy

Hi there Portainer community.

As the uptake of Portainer continues to grow, we are faced with having to manage a  commensurate increase in the number of support requests coming in via our official Github page (https://github.com/portainer/portainer).

Being a free and opensource product, means we are heavily reliant on our community to provide "how to" support to our community, however there are times whereby the Portainer team will get involved to investigate reported bugs, or security vulnerabilities.

Captains (b)Log

Welcome to the first post of my personal blog, giving you my thoughts and opinions about Portainer, our market, and where it’s going. It has been a really busy few months for the Portainer dev team so I thought an overall update might be useful for the community.

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News from Portainer

The Portainer Team is super excited today to introduce a range of new things to our User Community.
Firstly, we’re releasing Portainer Version 1.20 the latest version of Portainer with an array of new features, functions, updates and improvements.

Next is we’re announcing Portainer Extensions and launching our first extension solution – Portainer Registry Manager.

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Using the Portainer Agent

Rather than connecting Portainer to your Docker hosts via the Daemon over TCP, we recommend using the Portainer agent..

To deploy the agent, you have a few options depending on your Docker configuration… let me walk you through these now..

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Using MACVLAN in Portainer.io

Pretty much everyone is comfortable with docker bridge networking, and probably even overlay networking, but how many have used Docker's MACVLAN network driver? MY guess is not many, primarily because its a nightmare to setup. Well not anymore, as now with Portainer 1.19.2 we have dramatically simplified the setup and use of this powerful networking option.

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LDAP Users/Groups in Portainer

So, you have Portainer running, and now you want to integrate with your corporate LDAP directory in order to centralise user and group management? Well read up because this article is for you..

First up, Portainer will allow you to auto-create users that successfully authenticate via LDAP; however any users auto-created will not be able to access any endpoint unless they are manually granted access to an endpoint, or map to a corresponding Portainer Team which has access to an endpoint (a Portainer Team maps to an LDAP group when enabled).

Lets get started.

Kubernetes Networking (on-premises)

Last week I had the opportunity to explain Kubernetes Networking in a way that needed to make sense to non-Kubernetes people; needless to say, this is not a trivial task, as Kubernetes is a complex beast, and networking is probably one of the most complex components.

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