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Adolfo DelorenzoMarch 17, 20211 min read

3 Reasons you need Portainer in your life

1. Portainer removes the complexity associated with deploying and managing containers.

Portainer’s goal is to deliver a world class container-native application deployment and Management tool that is truly platform agnostic. To achieve this, we’ve made the underlying container management platform (eg Kubernetes) invisible to the engineers who simply want to manage their apps. If you use Portainer you’re able to CONSUME the container platform without being an expert in it.

2. Portainer streamlines the operations of container management.

With Portainer, engineers can deploy and see the state of individual containers, restart them and debug them when necessary – all without needing to use the command line. Portainer also provides deep visibility into what’s running, where it's running and how it's running, which helps engineers optimize app performance.  

And because Portainer connects to all your hosts and platforms, you get full visibility on a single webpage, which eliminates the need to connect to each individual container to check on its state. This saves masses of time time and lets engineers focus on what’s important.


3.Portainer provides an enterprise sensitive tool that complies with IT governance best practice.

Technology leaders need to be able to manage apps in a secure, repeatable, and scalable manner. Portainer provides a structured framework for that enables this to happen as well as enabling teams to work collaboratively. This reduces risk on your business and helps you be compliant in the way you deploy and manage your applications.

Identity and Access management is a problem in native container platform management and it’s a problem Portainer solves. It gives you the ability to assign specific roles with pre-set functionality limits to users and teams and even nest roles to create fine grained access rights.

And it doesn’t end there. Portainer automatically logs all actions taken around container management, capturing details on who created, maintained, or even deleted containers – helping you trace back any issues that might occur across your organization.

So there it is. 3 reasons why your business should use Portainer to manage its container-based applications.

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