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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Industrial IoT and Edge
Business Edition Pricing

Portainer Business offers flexible licensing options for enterprises, including server plus per-node licensing. With features like 9x5 support and customer success, it caters to the unique needs of businesses.
Community Supported Options

Portainer Business provides Community Supported Options for Home & Student use and organizations with a minimal container footprint. Purchase can be made conveniently via Credit Card.
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Portainer News and Blog

Jack WallenApril 1, 20234 min read

Adopting Containers - Save Time, Save Money

When containers are done right, they can save your organization money. However, poorly ...
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Jack WallenMarch 30, 20235 min read

Containerization - Breaking the Barrier to Entry

Has your company adopted containers yet? This blog post investigates the barriers to ...
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Neil Cresswell, CEOMarch 27, 20231 min read

How To: Mount a CIFS share to a container in Docker Desktop

How to: Mount a CIFS share to a container in Docker Desktop.
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Michael LevanMarch 23, 20237 min read

Kubernetes in Production: Deploy an App with Portainer

Kubernetes in Production Series: See how to easily deploy a Kubernetes app with Portainer.
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Jack WallenMarch 17, 20236 min read

Which Kubernetes Management Platform is Right for You?

Choose the right Kubernetes Management Platform to easily deploy, configure, monitor, ...
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Neil Cresswell, CEOMarch 17, 20231 min read

How To: Get MYSQL on Kubernetes with PVC from a Block Storage Device working

How to get MySQL 5.7 and newer working on a Kubernetes cluster with a block storage ...
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Tobias MühlnikelFebruary 27, 20231 min read

Iniationware and are now strategic IIoT partners

Portainer and Iniationware are now partnering to help customers better deploy, secure, ...
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Neil Cresswell, CEOFebruary 21, 20232 min read

How to: access Logs, Shell / Console, and Stats in Kubernetes Clusters with Portainer

See how to easily get Kubernetes logs, shell/console, and stats in Kubernetes, with ...
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Michael LevanFebruary 16, 20235 min read

Why Should Every Engineer Care About Portainer? (2023 Edition)

There are so many tools and platforms in the containerization and orchestration space. ...
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James CarppeFebruary 7, 20235 min read

Portainer 2.17 is now available

Portainer 2.17 and 2.17.1 (patch) are now available. This version includes backup to ...
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Michael LevanJanuary 19, 20237 min read

Kubernetes Standalone Policy Enforcement vs Portainer Pod Security Constraints

Learn about what Kubernetes policy enforcement is, why it’s crucial, and how to implement ...
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Neil Cresswell, CEOJanuary 17, 20233 min read

Why You Should Crawl, Walk, Run When Adopting Containerization and Migrating Legacy Applications to Containers

Considering adopting containerization and Kubernetes? A crawl, walk, run approach to ...
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