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Portainer - Foster a Culture of Innovation
Guest PostJune 23, 20233 min read

Foster a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is crucial to success in business. Without innovation, companies become stagnant. And innovation covers nearly every aspect of a business. It's the software you create and the tools you use to create the software that drives your company forward.

But in a world where every company is pushing boundaries, innovation can quickly become as much about a clever new idea as it is about overcoming the obstacles of complexity. And given the state of things with DevOps, containerized deployments, CI/CD, Kubernetes, full-stack applications, and more acronyms than you can juggle in a lifetime, everything about business technology grows more and more complicated daily. Couple that with the growing need for security, and the job of your IT and operations departments becomes a nearly impossible challenge.

Unless you employ the right tools!

One issue that often plagues businesses is when teams become entrenched in silos. When that happens, not only do communication and collaboration often fail, but innovation suffers. This can especially hit container development. Collaboration can be problematic when teams begin using different methods and tools. No technology illustrates this more than Kubernetes. Because of the complications surrounding Kubernetes, your dev teams can wind up isolated simply because of skill levels and ability to work with the default tools.

You might have one team adept at working with Kubernetes from the command line, one that focuses strictly on creating manifests for full-stack applications, one group of managers trying to keep everyone on the same page, and yet another team charged with keeping it all running smoothly.

You might have the best intentions, plan everything perfectly, schedule stand-up meetings, assign Scrum Masters, and are confident you've done everything "by the book." Such a workflow can be problematic on numerous levels. But more than anything, those disparate teams need to make it easier to innovate. 

And yet, innovation stagnates.


Your first inclination might be to assume it's your hired talent. Or your developers aren't skilled enough to meet the challenges. Or your managers aren't capable of working with the agile methodology.

Or it's all about the tools your company uses.

The right tool for the job isn't just an adage; it's a truism that applies to nearly everything…even technology.

For so many, Portainer is precisely the right tool. Why? Not only is it a web-based GUI designed to simplify the container workflow, but because it can be used by just about any tech pro to help build and deploy containerized applications and services, it will help foster a culture of innovation in your company.

Think about it this way: With Portainer, any member of your IT staff or DevOps teams can get up to speed with the workflow much faster than with command-line tools like Docker and Kubernetes. With that ability to dive into the flow so quickly, every member of your team will feel empowered to bring something new to the table. Those developers and admins will have access to advanced features that might otherwise take them months to comprehend from the command line. With that growing confidence and accomplishment, innovation will be unrestricted and hindered by overly-complicated commands, tools, and processes.

Instead of your team members spending numerous hours, days, and weeks trying to figure out how to handle the essential tasks of containerized deployments (which can lead to a growing sense of frustration and impostor syndrome), they'll find themselves far more capable with far less ramp-up time. Instead of crawling, they'll hit the ground running. The boost in confidence they'll receive will help them grow and do more.

This leads to innovation on a level your company has never experienced before. Even better, that will compound itself, inspiring your dev and DevOps teams. It's a domino effect that will benefit your company. Your teams will build better, more efficient software but deliver it faster and iterate with reliability. That leads to profit.

That's the kind of power Portainer can offer your company. It's about simplifying the development/management process (which Portainer does well). It's also about giving your development teams the confidence to innovate on a level that will keep your business competitive and profitable.

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