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Adolfo DelorenzoApril 3, 20211 min read

Deploy Applications on Kubernetes with Portainer - Stateless, Stateful or Daemon

 Deploying applications on Kubernetes can be done using at least 3 methods, Stateless, Stateful or Daemon. With Portainer it is very easy to deploy applications regardless of the method. Let's check how.


  1. The Create application option from Portainer by default will deploy applications as a Stateless/Deployment type that you can edit and scale up or down. Under Deployment make sure to select the Replicated option selected:
  2. You can go back to the application after it is deployed to increase/reduce the amount of instances.
  3. It's that simple!
  • If your application requires persistence, the amount of Instance count will be set to 1 to avoid data loss:


  1. The difference from the method above is that a Stateful application, that necessarily requires persistence on the Data access policy has to be selected as Isolated:
  2. This is enough to deploy applications with a StatefulSet method.


  1. To deploy applications as DaemonSets all you need to do is select a Global deployment method so the pods are copied on every node of the Kubernetes cluster:
  2. This will ensure that your application is deployed as a Daemon.

As you can see with Portainer it's extremely easy to deploy applications as Stateless, Stateful and as Daemon.

You can see a video walkthrough of this here:


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