Portainer Business – A fork in the road

Continuing the theme of big changes in the Portainer world, today we’re announcing that we will be releasing a commercial version of Portainer in the next couple of months.

While our detailed thinking around the commercial versions of Portainer will be posted closer to the release, I would like to take this opportunity to outline our thoughts, as this is a pivotal and often polarizing moment in any OS project history.

Infographic – Portainer User Survey 2020

Recently we requested your input to complete a survey on how you use Portainer, where you use, how you rate it, and which features you love... we also asked you to tell us what features we dont have that really should...

Well, after 1200 responses in 3 days (thank you, this is awesome!!) we have compiled the below info-graphic to summarize.

Farewell Portainer 1.X Series. Welcome to Portainer 2.0

By now hopefully you have seen that we shipped version 1.24 of Portainer CE; this is the very last version of the 1.X series, which has carried Portainer through the last 3 years. This version will continue receive required critical security patches for the next 12 months, however there will be no new features, enhancements or bug fixes.

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Portainer for Kubernetes – BETA v2

What a whirlwind the last 5 weeks have been... we have received a simply staggering level of feedback and support for our first beta of Portainer for Kubernetes, with over 220,000 downloads, many positive confirmations of successful deployments across a multitude of Kubernetes versions, and Kubernetes platforms, and with a really low number of reported issues.

Portainer 1.24.0 – an update

Hi there Portainer community,

So this month we will be releasing Portainer 1.24.0, and this version is the last of our 1.XX releases, as we transition to Portainer 2.0, which will be released end of June.

As a way to "draw a line in the sand" in regards to our currently open bugs (which total approximately 107), we spent considerable time reviewing every bug, attempting to reproduce it, determining what was likely needed to fix it, and then assigning a priority and timeline for fix.

IPv6 Support in Portainer

One of the feature requests we have been putting off for far too long is to add support for IPv6 inside Portainer. We had no real reason for delaying adding this functionality other than a lack of knowledge on our part on how IPv6 worked, and knowing which elements Docker supported for it (and which bits of Docker didnt work well with it).

Finally, this all came to a head, and after some gentle encouragement from our user community, we got cracking and figured out how to make this work.

Portainer Kubernetes Beta – 1 week in…

So, as its now been 7 days since we launched our BETA of Portainer for Kubernetes, we thought it might be nice to give and update of what we have learnt so far.

Docker Pulls

We have has 12,250 pulls of the BETA container image, so that's a pretty decent number of people trying out the BETA..

Support Architectures

We have had confirmation that the BETA runs well on AMD64 and ARM; both of which are only for Linux OS.

Supported Platforms

We have had confirmation that the BETA runs well on:

Scaleway Kapsule
Docker Desktop
Azure AKS
Amazon EKS
DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
Civo Cloud's Managed K3S Service

Support Versions

We have had confirmation that the BETA runs well on Kubernetes versions:


We are still looking for feedback for other platforms, namely GKE, and AliCloud; if anyone out there is running these platforms and can try our beta, it would be appreciated.

Portainer for kubernetes in less than 60 seconds!!

Portainer is an open-source tool for Building and Managing docker environments with ease. It has been widely adopted by the community over time with over 2 billion downloads.

Guess whatPortainer for KUBERNETES (beta edition) has been released and this is a really good deal out there for developers. In this post, we will discuss how to setup Portainer for kubernetes in less than 60 seconds using ARKADE.