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The first three nodes are on us

Complete the form, and we'll send you our fully featured commercial product, free for your first three nodes.

Requires Portainer version 2.18.4 or newer. 
Navigate to the Upgrading Portainer section of documentation to find out more.

Business Edition includes all of the features of Community Edition, plus:

  • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Authentication and Activity Audit Logging
  • Enhanced Support for OAuth
  • Private Registry Management
  • Advanced GitOps
  • Resource Management Quotas
  • Automatic Backups to S3
  • And more. View all Business Edition features

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

Sign up for our 3 Nodes Free program and receive your license key for Business Edition.
Install Business Edition using  our Install guide or our more detailed Best Practice Install Guide  for setting up in production.
You're done!

Then, when you're ready to add Commercial Support, or you need more than 3 Nodes, check out our Pricing.

Take 3 Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the common questions we get asked regarding our 3 Nodes Free program. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please Contact Sales or Contact Us.

What's a Node?

A Node is a physical or virtual device running a container runtime. 

View “What’s a Node for licensing purposes?” for more information.

Are the 3 nodes really free?

Yes, the first 3 Nodes of Portainer business are provided for free. The program has been designed so you can get started with Business Edition quickly and easily. Portainer will send you a license key for an initial term of 1 year from your date of sign-up. Each year, you will be required to reapply for a 3 Nodes Free license without cost for as long as you use Portainer Business with 3 Nodes or fewer.

Can my organization get multiple 3 node free licenses?

No, each company (as defined by a web domain) can obtain and utilize a single 3 Nodes free license. However, we recognize that large organizations may have multiple teams that don’t talk to each other or are working on various projects. If you are blocked because your organization already has a free license, please “Contact Us” for more information.

How do I add additional nodes on top of my 3 free?

The program has been designed so you can get started with Business Edition quickly and easily. If you or your company need additional Nodes, please visit our Pricing page.

How do I get started?

Sign up for your 3 nodes free license here. Then follow the install instructions for Portainer Business here. You’ll be asked for your license key (which gets emailed to you) during the installation process.

Can I use my 3 Nodes Free license in an Edge deployment? Yes, the 3 node free license will work in both data center and edge environments.
Can I move my license to another Portainer instance? If for some reason you need to move the server that your Portainer instance is on, you have temporary (must not exceed 7 days) permission to move your license key to an additional instance. As soon as the move is complete, you must remove the license key from the older server. Other than this, your license key must not be used in more than instance. 
What happens if I exceed my node count?

You are legally obliged to respect the node count as outlined in our terms, and described fully in the legally binding license agreement between us. Additionally, we reserve the right to limit some or all of the product capability should the node count be exceeded. 

Are the Take 3 Nodes supported?

Our Take 3 (3 nodes free) users can get support via our Portainer on Github