Portainer for Platform Managers

Portainer bridges the gap between infastructure and development, helping engineers and developers manage complex Kubernetes, Swarm and Edge environments.

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Configure, secure and maintain your container environment.

Platform Managers have one of the toughest jobs in the modern IT world. Not only do you have to manage infrastructure, you also have to maintain multiple orchestrated clusters such as K8s, which is hugely complex. And, with that done, you then have to figure out how to give users secure access to deploy and maintain their apps.

Deploying Portainer as part of your container management toolset lets you:

  • Easily onboard multiple existing clusters into Portainer’s management
  • Leverage your company’s existing Directory Service (eg Azure AD or Google) to centrally manage user access to clusters and apply centralized Role-Based-Access-Controls across all clusters
  • set quotas, security policies and guardrails inside which users can consume the resources of the orchestrator, which helps reduce wastage and minimize risk
  • give you visibility into the behavior and performance of the clusters so you can better manage capacity.
  • Give your users a secure self-service mechanism to deploy apps into clusters quickly and then monitor the ongoing performance and operation of the application.

Key features

Under normal circumstances, Platform Managers can typically manage up to 100 nodes. With Portainer the same Platform Manager can manage 400 nodes, making Portainer an important tool for helping organizations scale out their environments.

Click through the demonstration below to see how easy it is to set up a safe and protected environment for users to deploy applications into.

In addition, configuring DevOps pipelines against multiple clusters is a repetitive and time consuming task that Portainer radically simplifies.

Under traditional circumstances, A single DevOps engineer can support 25 developers. With Portainer the same DevOps engineer can support 50 developers making Portainer a really important tool for helping organizations scale out their environments without having to find and retain scarce talent.