Portainer for DevOps teams

Portainer makes getting started with simple GitOps integration super easy.

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Automated application deployment

DevOps is an increasingly important part of the modern containerized landscape. Automation is proven to improve the productivity and success of every stage of the software delivery lifecycle.

Portainer can be deployed within a DevOps environment as part of the CI/CD workflow, providing a way to automatically deploy applications into a specific cluster based on instructions held in Git. This provides organizations with the last missing link in the end to end automation cycle and unlocks significant benefits.

Click through the demonstration below to see how easy it is to use Portainer's webhooks to integrate Portainer into your CI/CD workflow.

In addition, configuring DevOps pipelines against multiple clusters is a repetitive and time consuming task that Portainer radically simplifies.

Under traditional circumstances, A single DevOps engineer can support 25 developers. With Portainer the same DevOps engineer can support 50 developers making Portainer a really important tool for helping organizations scale out their environments without having to find and retain scarce talent.