Self-service container management

Developers just want to be able to get on with it. Portainer lets them do exactly that.

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Simple and secure application deployment for everyone

As a developer in today’s DevOps-centric modern IT environment you’re expected to a lot more than just develop great apps that someone else will worry about. In today’s world you’re expected to know how to do develop, test, deploy and maintain your own code in pretty much any environment, which is all good right up to the point it starts getting all Kubernetes….

For some developers, deploying containerized apps is alien and, because it’s not something you necessarily do every day, it’s likely something you don’t want or need to learn. If this is you, then Portainer is a great way to deploy and manage containers without actually needing to know much about the platform layer.

For developers, Portainer lets you:

Click through the demonstration below to see how easy it is to deploy an application using Portainer.

Local Portainer

If you are developing locally, Portainer allows you to easily deploy apps into your local Docker/Kube environment. Portainer supports a variety of different tools for deploying apps including App Templates, which remove the need to create a YAML file or learn tools like Kubectl.

For developers working in a Kubernetes environment, Portainer comes as a native add-on for Minikube and MicroK8s, this helps you get started with Portainer and Kubernetes with a single command.

Portainer in the Enterprise

Organizations are increasingly deploying Portainer centrally to manage clusters; as a developer this means you may be given Portainer as a way to deploy and manage your applications into your enterprise environment. In this scenario, Portainer makes the whole process of deploying applications near fool proof. With the environment set up properly it should be almost impossible to deploy an application that won’t perform as expected.

Portainer is increasingly part of the enterprise DevOps toolset, acting as a CD tool allowing for centralized management of applications from Git.