Start using Portainer Business Edition

Start using Portainer Business Edition, our fully featured commercial product, free for your first five nodes.

Business Edition includes all of the features of Community Edition, plus:

  • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Authentication and Activity Audit Logging
  • Enhanced Support for OAuth
  • Private Registry Management
  • Advanced GitOps
  • Resource Management Quotas
  • Automatic Backups to S3

Get Started with Portainer Business Edition for free

Portainer Business is our fully featured product designed for commercial use. It is used by some of the largest organizations in the world to easily configure, monitor and secure containers. With more than 1 Million users and 27k Stars on GitHub, Portainer is the most widely used and most popular container management platform in the World.


Why Portainer Business Edition?

Portainer Business takes everything that's great about our our Community Edition and overlays additional features (like RBAC and Registry Management) that organizations need to deploy Portainer in production environments.

It's super-easy to add additional nodes on top of the 5 free. Talk to Sales to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions