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Unleash the power of containers at the Edge

Manage Docker and Kubernetes at the Edge in an easy and secure manner.

Why Portainer for Edge?

With more than 650.000 active users and more than 3.4 billion image pulls, Portainer is well-known in various Operational Technology (OT) and IT sectors. Portainer provides Edge specific features to support both container management and device management in Industrial IoT (IIoT) and IoT use cases as well as for regional data centers (Network Edge).

As organisations look to move the collection and processing of data closer to the point of data creation, there becomes a need to manage compute devices at a scale that dwarfs that of traditional data center systems. How can remote compute devices be maintained, updated, and the software stacks deployed, updated, and triaged, when you have many thousands under your control? The answer is with edge management, and managing devices in bulk.

Portainer is a toolset that allows many thousands of remote container hosts to be centrally managed from a single self-hosted instance of Portainer.

It is important to mention that Portainer won’t lead to a vendor lock-in when realizing cloud projects because of being runtime and orchestrator agnostic at the Edge – supporting Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes. Therefore, Portainer preserves its customer’s independence of cloud providers. Of course, non-cloud projects can be implemented using Portainer as well.

Watch our Edge Demo

Watch a full end-to-end demo of Portainer managing Edge devices at scale. 
HubSpot Video

Key Edge Benefits


Avoid spending time on recurring tasks

One-Touch Onboarding to integrate a large number of new Edge Devices into your existing IT Infrastructure using simple scripts or FIDO Device Onboard.
Easily deploy and update applications at large scale using groups of Edge Devices. 
Watch the demo video for examples of one-touch onboarding and bulk deployment and update of applications.

Reduce the staff skill level needed for Edge projects

Portainer's well-designed UI empowers non-IT experts to complete expert tasks in their day-to-day business. Portainer also works for OT engineers to successfully manage container-based application deployments in industry.
Straightforward deployment of Portainer’s lightweight Edge Agent that can run on Edge Device with few hardware resources.
Portainer’s support for Intel AMT and FDO ensures that devices can be supported and bought online, regardless of their location.
IT Security

Accept no compromises when it comes to security

IT Security is crucial for the transition between the OT and IT networks. We help the OT engineers to understand what they are doing.

Supporting common characteristics of OT & IT networks, like air-gapped environments, segregation of OT and IT networks, secure connections across the internet, even across unreliable networks.
Secure settings by default enable less experienced users to stay protected when managing their environments.

What our customers say

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Key Edge Features

Portainer provides all the features you need to manage and secure your Edge environment.

  • Async Agent Mode 
  • mTLS for Edge Agent Comms
  • Bulk Device Onboarding
  • Device Waiting Room (pre-stage)
  • Private Registries at Edge
  • Pass-Through Host ENV Variables
  • ARM32 Support

Discover our three Edge use cases


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions we get about Portainer and Edge deployments.

Which Edge Devices can be used for Portainer’s Agent?

Portainer’s Agent is very lightweight and only uses about 10 MB of RAM. That’s why it runs also on Edge Devices with limited hardware resources.

The supported architectures and the compatible and required Docker or Kubernetes versions can be found at:

Kubernetes is only needed if you want to manage your Kubernetes cluster via Portainer. 

Can you recommend a company for purchasing Edge devices? We recommend you use Edge Devices on which Docker is already pre-installed. Our IoT partner Wago offers these devices. For further information please read Portainer partners with Wago

Interested in using Portainer for your next Edge project?

Contact our Sales team and find out about our transparent license model. It’s based on the number of nodes and there is no traffic-based billing.