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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

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Business Edition Pricing

Portainer Business offers flexible licensing options for enterprises, including server plus per-node licensing. With features like 9x5 support and customer success, it caters to the unique needs of businesses.
Community Supported Options

Portainer Business provides Community Supported Options for Home & Student use and organizations with a minimal container footprint. Purchase can be made conveniently via Credit Card.

EV Startup and the Race to Innovate

Automotive Hardware and Software - Americas

Customer Objectives

Consistent International Deployment  
Time to Market  
Limit Downtime of Swapping Stations  

Company Background

This US startup aims to develop a modular battery swapping solution which can deliver a 100% charge to any EV in under 5 minutes. This makes it faster than traditional fast-charging stations and cheaper to build and install. Their stations are lightweight and do not require construction, so they can be deployed rapidly to meet new demand and rebalance charging infrastructure as needed.

Their technology also captures wind and solar energy when available and then delivers it to vehicles when drivers need it. This separates the process of recharging batteries from the process of transferring energy to vehicles, filling a key gap in the zero-carbon energy system of the future.

They have been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential Companies in 2023 and have won several other awards for their innovative technology.

Addressing the challenge

Speed and Scalability

The race against time and competition is paramount to the success of the organization, technology, and EVs.

Operational Efficiency

The goal from a management perspective was the share the responsibility of success between the engineering and operations teams while ensuring customer support remained at a high level.


Refocus the engineering team on application features and capabilities by transitioning management and operations to another team.


Quotes from the Team

"Everything that Portainer did worked for the use case that we were looking for, which is deploying and managing software across our swapping stations."

"The operations team is responsible for making sure the swapping stations are functioning correctly. So they also use Portainer for monitoring the status of all the containers, making sure the software is actually running on the stations."

“Hours are saved across the 20-person team every week because Portainer automates software updates.”

Technical Implications

Role Based Access Control
Role Based Access Control

Every operations member is using Portainer with role-based access control (RBAC) granting the correct access for deployment, troubleshooting, and support.

Remote Connectivity
Remote Connectivity

Portainer allows for remote management and deployment of containers and applications with ease.


Real-time insights and remote visibility into application performance, resource utilization, and container behavior in Portainer enables container adoption at scale.

The Results

Operations teams are 5% more productive or savings of $20K per staff member  
Transition the Engineering Team away from software deployment, resulting in 2 hours of gained productivity each week per person.  
Leverage the operations team to manage the deployment and troubleshooting of applications.  

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