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Industrial IoT and Edge

Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

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Effortless Infrastructure at Scale in Audio Entertainment

Gaming & Entertainment - Americas

Business Overview

Business Focus
Gaming & Entertainment
Based in the United States
Business Case

This Leading audio entertainment company plans the containerization of 8,000 satellite streams with Portainer.

Container Platforms
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Customer Objectives

Automate and scale deployment  
Enhance infrastructure availability and monitoring  
Optimize infrastructure costs  

Company Background

From satellite pioneer to cloud champion, this leading audio entertainment company has undergone a remarkable transformation. Today, it’s more than just radio; it’s a vast audio empire encompassing music, talk shows, comedy, sports, and even live concerts, delivered to millions of subscribers through satellite, online streaming, and in-vehicle receivers.

Embracing the cloud and containerization has been a game-changer. This shift allows them to scale their infrastructure effortlessly, roll out new features with lightning speed, and keep their platform fresh and competitive. They’ve optimized resource usage, slashed costs, and secured their place as a leader in the ever-evolving audio landscape, proving that innovation can propel even traditional giants into the future.

Addressing the challenge


Focus on delivering features and capabilities that subscribers will love - like personalized channels, enhanced on-demand libraries, and expanded real-time content.

Bridge the Skill Gap

Enabling their Windows-centric Broadcast Support Engineers to handle Linux virtual machines and containers more independently.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations to ensure focus more on strategic initiatives that create the next-generation listening experience.


Quotes from the Team

“The help for us is not having to be called upon to troubleshoot problems because the operations team has the appropriate access and, with Portainer, can do it themselves”

“Because we are streaming audio, there’s always going to be a blip there, which makes us highly dependent on our monitoring.”

“It would require a significant addition, like 2 or more full-time employees to perform update tasks across 250 nodes without Portainer.”

Technical Implications

Triage and Remediate
Triage and Remediate

Centralized logging and metrics across the container environment help engineers efficiently pinpoint the root cause when production applications face problems.

Platform Management
Platform Management

Pushing updates to containers is simplified within the platform. It automates multi-step processes engineers had to do manually across multiple servers.

Continuous Delivery
Continuous Delivery

Portainer allows their engineers to stop and start containerized applications easily using the dashboard. This facilitates restarting apps to resolve issues.

The Results

20% offset in operational cost  
$100K of savings due to automation  
Avoid minutes-long failover incidents and achieve high availability  

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