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Get access to the community-based help you need to succeed with Portainer CE and Portainer Business 5 Nodes Free.

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Get help from the Community

Explore our channels for community support below. If you require a greater level of support, please get in touch to discuss moving to a fully supported plan of Portainer Business.

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Join the Portainer Community

The Portainer Community is all about you. With thousands of regular users the Community can help you get the answers you need as well as giving you a platform to tell your Portainer story. 

  • Regular monthly updates from the team 
  • Access to exclusive Community content 
  • Regular AMAs with Portainer's leadership team
  • Virtual (and hopefully) physical events
  • Leadership and Ambassador options.


Help us improve Portainer

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You can also follow us and get involved in conversations on our social channels

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, then please contact us directly.

Build it yourself

If you’re inspired to build a new feature, app or workflow, simply follow our contribution guidelines to build it locally and make a pull request.

Data management and GDPR

To make sure we focus our development effort in the right places we need to know what features get used most often. To give us this information we use Matamo Analytics, which is hosted in Germany and fully GDPR compliant. When Portainer first starts, you are given the option to DISABLE analytics. If you don’t choose to disable it we will collect anonymous usage as per our privacy policy. Please note, there is no personally identifiable information sent or stored at any time and we only use the data to help us improve Portainer.