Portainer for Kubernetes – BETA v2

What a whirlwind the last 5 weeks have been... we have received a simply staggering level of feedback and support for our first beta of Portainer for Kubernetes, with over 220,000 downloads, many positive confirmations of successful deployments across a multitude of Kubernetes versions, and Kubernetes platforms, and with a really low number of reported issues. The feedback also included commentary that we were missing a couple of vital functions that we really should consider adding before our first formal release.

So, we took onboard the feedback, and are pleased to release a second BETA, which now includes:

  • Tag applications created outside of Portainer as external
  • Add the ability to edit an application (non-external, non-system applications only)
  • When refreshing a view, remember the currently opened tab
  • Provide a shortcut button to copy service name
  • Fix an issue with invalid information in the data persistence section of an application leveraging a StatefulSet
  • Add the ability to associate a note to an application
  • Use ibytes as the default unit for storage size
  • Fix an issue preventing the use of the local endpoint after updating it
  • Update kubectl version to v1.18.0
  • Update the data persistence section to add information about the data access policy
  • Fix an issue where a Config was marked as used but not referenced by the application using it
  • Replace the creation date column with a created column giving information about the creation time and user who created the resource
  • Fix a form validation issue with Configs when creating an application

The biggie here is the ability to edit a deployed application; which was what we were told really needed to be there for our first formal release. Using this new feature, you can successfully change how an application is deployed/configured, and doing so, triggers a redeploy of the application using the new settings. You can change a number of elements, but also there are some things you simply cannot change (because Kubernetes doesn't allow it), so we have removed these as an option in the UI. You can change/add/remove environment variables, configurations, reconfigure data persistence, and change how the application is presented via the network. All from the really simple to use UI.

To deploy (or redeploy) this new version, simply navigate to our github page and follow the instructions.

Remember, we are not persisting the Portainer database in the BETA, so if you want persistence, you need to modify our deployment script to add it for your environment.

As always, feedback is appreciated, and remember, this is still BETA, so dont use in Production.




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