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Portainer Business gives organizations additional capabilities and security controls needed to securely deploy Portainer in critical business environments.

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Introducing Portainer Business

Portainer Business builds on our Open source platform. It incorporates the additional features and functions you need to deploy Portainer, at scale, across your  organization. It is used by developers, devops, netops, secops and infrastructure teams to manage and maintain complex containerized environments.

Portainer Business adds additional Identity & Access Management, Registry and  Quota Management functionality as well as the option of 9x5 and 24x7 support, to give you the confidence you need to deploy Portainer as your management GUI for Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or Azure ACI.


Portainer Business features

Portainer BE Icons_container management

Application Management

Deploy apps quickly and easily with no coding required

Portainer BE Icons_cluster management

Cluster Management

Manage multiple clusters from a single instance of Portainer, and assign quotes on use

Portainer Icons_registry-image management

Registry/Image Management 

Build, pull, push and browse images and tags

Portainer BE Icons_network management

Identity & Access Management

Control user access with access and privileges with built-in access control

Portainer BE Icons_storage management

Storage  Management

Create and manage local and shared storage volumes, and assign quotas on use

Portainer BE Icons_multi-cluster management

Network Management

Configure networks, load balance applications, and assign quotas on use

Portainer BE Icons_registry management

Monitoring & Alerting

Functionality coming soon

Portainer BE Icons_customer support

Support & Customer Success

Easy access to the support you need to succeed

Try Portainer Business for free 

If you're new to Portainer, get a 30-day free trial of Portainer Business or a Zoom tour from our team

Portainer Business pricing

Portainer Business pricing is calculated on the number of container hosts (nodes) in your environment. To get a price simply need to tell us what level of support you require on each node. There are 2 options:

  • Basic next-business-day support (9 x 5) 
  • 24 x7 support with a four hour response 

The price is based on a one-year subscription to Portainer Business. You can pay by credit card or purchase order. You can also break your bill into 12 instalments by paying on a credit card without incurring any additional cost.

  • All pricing is in USD and excludes local taxes
  • There is a minimum purchase quantity of 5 nodes
  • If required, there is a minimum order quantity of 5 for 24x7 nodes

To buy additional licenses go here, to get a price for more than 200 nodes, please contact us.

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