Portainer Business Support

Take advantage of a range of support options for Portainer

Support Overview

Community Support is free and is delivered by the community for the community. It is accessed through the open Slack channel, or via the forums. Portainer staff monitor the threads and conversations and will participate where appropriate. Conversations and threads will be moderated as necessary.

Business support is a subscription service and is delivered by Portainer developers directly. Business support is only available for clients with a current support subscription. Portainer Business Support is available in Standard and Critical levels, which offer a range of availability and response time options.

Once acquired through an in-app purchase, a support subscription will enable private access to the Portainer Support Portal at the appropriate service level.

Support Scope

Business support is designed for organizations that rely on Portainer for their day to day operations. It includes comprehensive assistance and issue resolution for Portainer software.

Business Support includes:

  • Unlimited Tickets for Incidents (something is not working as expected)
    • Any bugs identified will be logged and resolved in future releases (new releases are generally available every 8 weeks)
  • “How-To” support (general usage questions) is excluded
  • Four named support contacts
  • Portainer Extensions are available to purchase ala-carte, and their support is covered under this agreement
  • Support is initiated via our web-based ticketing system. Support will be rendered either through email, slack (private slack channel), telephone, or screenshare using Zoom.


Pricing is based on the number of Portainer Instances, and the number of Endpoints (clusters or standalone hosts) defined within Portainer.

Portainer Business Support Standard is USD$1200 per year per Portainer instance. This provides support for up to 10 endpoints (unlimited hosts within an endpoint), and 4 named support people. Support for additional endpoints is US$120 per endpoint per year. Business Support Critical is US$2400 per year for 10 endpoints, with additional endpoints US$240 per year.

Purchase is via the “Support” tab in the Portainer application.

Service Levels:

Business Support Standard

  • 7am - 6pm (local time), business days only
  • Next Business Day response

Business Support Critical

  • 24x7
  • 4 hr response

Technical Documentation

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