Our straightforward pricing model allows you to get started immediately and scale economically. The first five nodes are always free. Purchasing a Business Edition Server adds commercial support.

You scale by adding nodes, and we offer four different node types to support a wide variety of use cases.

Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about pricing. 

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Get Portainer now

Portainer is available in two versions - Business Edition (BE) and Community Edition (CE). Community Edition is free, community supported open source software. Business Edition is our fully supported product that adds the security, audit and automation features required by most organizations. You can start using Business Edition immediately, for free, with our Take5 program, which provides support for a maximum of five nodes. If you're not familiar with Portainer, we recommend you start with a demo.


Business Edition

  • Designed for business
  • Simple node-based pricing
  • Full feature set including RBAC
  • Installation support
  • Open Core
  • Commercially supported
  • Guaranteed bug fixes
  • Monthly or annual billing

Community Edition

  • Designed for personal use
  • Open source
  • Restricted feature set
  • Community support

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