Portainer Edge Agent

Manage containers wherever they might be.

In today’s world you can easily have hundreds - if not thousands - of Docker-enabled devices in your environment. Most of these systems run without any form of clustering or run a lean orchestrator such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Remote devices may be distributed across multiple sites and/or across many different networks, some may even be attached to the internet using mobile data or satellite. To be managed effectively, engineers need a way to control distributed instances centrally, which is exactly what Portainer does brilliantly.


  • Manage nodes and containers remotely in a safe and agile way
  • Focus on delivering apps without worrying where the node physically is
  • Compatible with storage devices, ethernet switches, IOT monitoring/control equipment and edge compute devices such as digital signage, smart POS consoles, and self-service KIOSKs.
  • Minimal footprint to minmimize CPU, memory and bandwith usage.
  • Highly secure. No two Edge agents can use the same token to communicate.

Forever Free Container Management

Provided as open core software under the zlib license, Portainer CE is 100% forever free with its source code readily available on GitHub

After more than 20 versions, Portainer CE provides a host of outstanding functionality for the desktop or mobile device. Portainer.io’s also developing an upgrade path for those using Portainer in complex commercial environments

Community and Support

Portainer CE has an active user Community which is well worth joining. It has a great range of Portainer resources and member-only assistance for novice and experts alike. There is also a paid support option for open source users wanting assistance over and above what the community offers.

Portainer Functionality

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