Manage your Azure Container Instances with Portainer

One instance of Portainer to manage all your ACI nodes

Portainer CE allows you to deploy and manage apps in Azure Container Instances quickly and easily and like no other tool. There is no need to type commands in via CLI or go to Azure Portal to manage your containers; Portainer does it all. Simply deploy Portainer in an Azure container and manage it like any other node.

In a matter of seconds you can choose the resource group, location, image and, the OS you want to use to run your container. You can also easily define port exposure and resources like CPU and memory for all of your containers. Managing ACI nodes has never been easier.


  • Portainer CE 2.0 allows you to manage your containers nodes, even in the Cloud.
  • Quickly creation of new containers in Azure Container Instances.
  • Overall view of the containers running in ACIs from a unique instance of Portainer.
  • Define from one page-to-run name, image, resource groups, locations, and, resources group a get the awesomeness in seconds.
  • Have you multiple instances and teams? no problem, define one or more instances to one or more teams and control the usage of the different environments.

Forever Free Container Management

Provided as open core software under the zlib license, Portainer CE is 100% forever free with its source code readily available on GitHub

After more than 20 versions, Portainer CE provides a host of outstanding functionality for the desktop or mobile device.’s also developing an upgrade path for those using Portainer in complex commercial environments

Community and Support

Portainer CE has an active user Community which is well worth joining. It has a great range of Portainer resources and member-only assistance for novice and experts alike. There is also a paid support option for open source users wanting assistance over and above what the community offers.

Portainer Functionality

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