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Portainer is your solution to securely deploy software containers across your fleet of Edge devices.

Neil Cresswell, CEOAugust 13, 20211 min read

Congratulations to Forbes' rising stars.

We're honoured to be recognized this week as a “Rising Star” of the Cloud Computing industry by Forbes Magazine. We’re also proud to represent New Zealand in this global list of cloud companies and bring home the recognition with a feature in the New Zealand Herald.

Our class of 20 Rising Star companies sits alongside Forbes’ The Cloud 100 2021 list and includes some incredible companies doing amazing things.

Congratulations to our fellow honorees: 

  • AbstractOps: Back-office operations automations.
  • Airplane: Developer platform for internal tools.
  • Anrok: Sales tax software for SaaS firms.
  • Cocoon: AI-powered tool for employee leave process.
  • CodeSee: Codebase understanding and transparency.
  • GlossGenius: Spa and salon workflow management software. 
  • Hightouch: Data syncing platform.
  • Malomo: E-commerce order tracking and marketing platform.
  • Mem: Instant note-taking software.
  • Meroxa Inc.: Realtime data orchestration.
  • Noteable: Collaborative notebook platform for data.
  • Pocus: Data-driven platform for product-led sales. 
  • Primer: Automation platform for payments. 
  • RevOps: Automation tool to increase sales and revenue for SaaS businesses. 
  • Rightfoot: Student and credit card debt repayment API. 
  • Spot AI: Artificial intelligence for cloud video surveillance.
  • Transform: Centralized metrics store for data analysis.
  • Tribe: Cloud-based community engagement platform.
  • TRM Labs: Crypto fraud detection and financial crime.
The Rising Stars list acts as a feeder for The Cloud 100 list and recognizes the up-and-coming companies in cloud computing. Byron Deeter, a cloud investor and partner at Bessemer describes the Rising Stars of today as “the Cloud 100 companies of tomorrow.”

Managing infrastructure, maintaining multiple multi-node clusters, and ensuring security are complex tasks in cloud-native development. At Portainer, we’re dedicated to providing radical simplicity and control across roles touching container management. Whether companies are just beginning to transition to the cloud or already working in the cloud, Portainer offers increased productivity, governability, and security to teams managing and deploying containers.

Thank you to our community. We wouldn’t be here without you. Now, back to work!

Neil Cresswell, CEO

Neil brings more than twenty years’ experience in advanced technology including virtualization, storage and containerization.


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