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Portainer CE is a powerful open source tool that helps you to build, manage and maintain container environments without the need to know complex commands or syntax.


Introducing Portainer CE

Portainer CE is a super easy-to-use, open source tool for managing your containerized environments. It works seamlessly with Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes and serverless environments, like Azure ACI.

Portainer is trusted by more than 500,000 users all over the world to manage their containers on premise, in the cloud and at the edge. The Portainer GUI is quick to learn and can be used to manage one or hundreds of containers from a single instance deployed in a container.


PortainerEditV1 [v1]

Portainer makes it easy to deploy, control, manage and troubleshoot applications running in containers. It removes the need for developers to learn complex Docker and Kubernetes CLI commands and also reduces the need to write deployment code (YAML).

To protect the innocent, Portainer incorporates a smart rules engine that ensures any action taken by a user won't break anything in the environment, making Portainer the perfect tool for both technical and less-technical users.


Portainer CE features

Portainer BE Icons_container management

Application Management

Deploy apps quickly and easily with no coding required

Portainer BE Icons_cluster management

Cluster Management

Manage multiple clusters from one instance 

Portainer Icons_registry-image management

Registry/Image Management

Build, pull and push images with ease

Portainer BE Icons_network management

Identity & Access Management

Control user access with built-in access control

Portainer BE Icons_storage management

Storage Management

Create local or remote storage volumes

Portainer BE Icons_multi-cluster management

Network Management

Configure networks and load balance applications

Portainer BE Icons_registry management

Monitoring & Alerting

Functionality coming soon

Portainer BE Icons_customer support

Community Support

Online documentation and community-based support