Portainer Community Edition

Portainer CE is the heart of Portainer

Portainer Community Edition (Portainer CE) is a lightweight management toolset that allows you to easily build, manage and maintain Docker environments. Created by experts, Portainer CE (the open core of Portainer) is an opinionated toolset that captures years of experience to allow you to reliably and quickly create, operate and trouble-shoot your Docker environments.

With a GUI based tool like Portainer CE, you can leave the complex CLI commands behind and focus on delivering outstanding software. Portainer CE lets you skip up the learning curve and get your docker environments up and running quickly. Once you are up and running, Portainer CE gives you the tools (and the built-in knowledge of our experts) to keep your environments up.

Because Portainer CE has been designed from the ground up to make your life easy, It takes away risk of errors in complex command line strings from creating issues, outages or unpredictable results in deployments.

Use our pre-built app templates to install a range of industry-based software literally at the click of a button.

Portainer reduces the time to diagnose and resolve issues though a simplified access to critical troubleshooting information like container state, event logs and cluster configuration.

In a time where security is the number one priority of business leaders, Portainer adds a much-needed security layer to Docker - ensuring that only authorised people can perform tasks

Provided as open core software under the zlib license, Portainer CE is 100% free and its source code is freely available on Github. After more than 20 versions, Portainer CE has grown to provide a host of outstanding functionality for the desktop or mobile device. 

Additionally, Portainer.IO Ltd (the company behind Portainer CE) also provides a growing range of closed source extensions to the core. Designed for greater functionality, large scale environments, or critical workloads, the optional, subscription-based extensions enhance Portainer CE in areas such as access control, authentication and operational management.

With over 1.3 Billion downloads Portainer CE users love:

  • point and click UI that covers 100% of essential docker CLI actions
  • provides enhanced functions, not available from the command line
  • expert configuration built into the software, including pre-validation checks for complex deployments
  • managed access control and LDAP authentication
  • aggregate a view of swarm clusters
  • log viewer
  • remote console with process performance viewer

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Technical Documentation

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