Professional Services

Use Portainer Remote Managed Services (RMS) to drive operational excellence through proven process

Portainer recognises the critical nature of the services you provide to your clients. This will be top of mind as our dedicated Managed Operations team oversees your Docker environments. We will manage capacity, workload and all items requiring service in a way that supports your delivery of high quality customer service.

The anticipated increases in efficiency - through process improvement and smarter automation - will be passed on directly to you in the form of service performance.

Support you to succeed

We recognise the importance of excellent communication and governance, especially where identification and rectification of an issue may involve many parties. Portainer RMS operators will actively participate in this process, establishing a relationship of trust with you, expanding to include other partners in your IT ecosystem.

Eliminate risk and provide stability

Portainer RMS uses our well-considered and proven transition methodology enables a controlled transition into our safe hands over a 4-week transition period. Risks to the process are quickly identified and mitigated prior to changes being made, thus preventing unplanned downtime.

For assistance in building your own production grade container platform, contact the Portainer Team for details on the Portainer Design and Build service

Contact the Portainer Team about Managed Services

Portainer Remote Managed Services

  • 24 x 7 Multi-point Service Desk - Contact point for raising service requests and incidents
  • Provide guidance, governance and regular reporting to ensure Service Excellence is being delivered
  • Full monitoring – Cluster, Host Network and Storage
  • Platform Management and expansion – Proactively manage the availability and performance of the underlying Docker platform
  • Operational support (including updates) for the Docker Host Operating System (Windows and Linux)
  • Docker Updates – Upgrading Docker runtime engine in line with Docker release cadence

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