Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is one of the leading providers of managed Kubernetes in the market today.

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Portainer Business and Azure Kubernetes

Azure offers one of the most advanced Kubernetes cloud hosting environments available anywhere. It’s elegant, fast and economical. It's also the perfect place to run Portainer Business.

If you are deploying container-based apps in Microsoft's  managed Kubernetes cluster then Portainer Business is an essential add on. It is the difference between having a managed Kubernetes service and having a practical, scalable ‘Containers-as-a-Service’ (CaaS) for your business. Without Portainer Business you’ll need a lot of time and some serious CLI expertise to make any sense out of Kuberentes.

Portainer Business makes managed Kubernetes easy with:

Getting started with Microsoft Azure

Getting Portainer up and running inside Microsoft Azure Kubernetes is easy. This video shows you how to do it.

Deploying Portainer on Azure using Azure Kubernetes Service - revised